EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Shares Information On Their Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler Service

Pembroke Pines, Florida based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is reaching out to the community to shed light on what their irrigation and lawn sprinkler services have to offer.

"Having an irrigation system installed on your property is more than just a luxury. It will not only aid you with your daily chores and offer more convenience, it could also help you save money over the years. Furthermore, these systems can make an enormous difference in the care of your lawn. In hot and sunny areas such as Pembroke Pines, this can easily be the only way for you to keep a healthy landscape," states Greg O'Connell, a company representative.

Irrigation and lawn sprinkler system service in Pembroke Pines, FL

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service facilitates the installation of irrigation systems for their community. Each system is adapted according to each of their customer’s needs and possibilities, guaranteeing that they get a top-of-the-line irrigation system that keeps their landscape nice and healthy.

O'Connell states, "We begin each installation with a survey of our customer’s property. Your property will be tested and divided into zones based on how much water each area of your yard needs. Rain sensors and other features can help keep water waste to a minimum, preventing your yard from being overwhelmed with water and driving down bills, compared to hand-watering."

The company explains that properties with a pre-existing irrigation system can opt for a replacement at a discounted price. Many properties in Pembroke Pines have these systems already installed, which can be easily upgraded to a newer, better system. Additionally, those with a current system already in place can opt to make these systems greener, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Irrigation systems require maintenance and care, though EPS Landscaping & Tree Service also offers sprinkler system repair services. These tend to focus on fixing issues where the system is not draining properly or is missing in essential areas of the yard. Problems of this nature can stem from various sources, ranging from natural blockages to artificial damage. Identifying the problem and planning out a way to address it is the first item on the agenda of any irrigation service specialist.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service offers free estimates and consultations to complement their services, helping and guiding their customers with a no-compromise rundown of how an irrigation system can help their unique situation. These estimates can be requested for other services as well, including landscaping, tree care and general lawn care.

The local company has received several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services. On the Google platform alone, they enjoy a perfect 5-Star review score, placing them among the top-rated landscaping companies in Pembroke Pines. These reviews are highlighted on their website as well, as the company takes great pride in the reputation that they have built over the years.

One of their most recent testimonials, written by Vanessa A. on the company's Google page, states, "Jessica was the best to be in business with! Called her last minute to get some landscaping jobs done, and her team did amazing! Everything looked great, and I love how efficient they were. Wouldn’t work with anyone else. Look forward to working with EPS landscaping on all my landscaping needs."

Another comment by Cheyn Bartels says, "Had a great experience with EPS. We called for an estimate and not only did they answer the phone immediately, they came out within two hours for a quote. By week’s end, my garden beds were refreshed and looking awesome again! Thank you, Greg and Jessica, for your prompt service and reasonable pricing."

Bryan Cook similarly states, "When I called this company, they came out and exceeded my expectations. I have recommended EPS to all of my friends. They are a one-stop shop to meet all of your landscaping needs."


The company's official website offers more details on EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. On the other hand, those interested may reach out to Greg O'Connell directly or connect with the company’s social media platforms to follow up on any further inquiries.


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