EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC Is Offering Commerical Landscaping In Pembroke Pines

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is offering Broward County residents professional landscaping and arborist services to keep their lawns looking healthy and inviting, all year round.

Located in the Pembroke Falls community, EPS Landscaping’s array of residential and commercial landscaping and lawn care services are just what property owners need to create their own little oasis in the Sunshine State. Customers can rely on the Broward County landscaping contractor’s high-quality and reasonably priced services to ensure their property feels comfortable throughout the seasons. In case Pembroke Pines homeowners need any more reasons, the company also reveals on its website that regular landscaping can add up to 14% to the resale value of a building and speed up its sale by up to 6 weeks.

“Our experienced landscapers know how to take your property from chaos to consistency,” the spokesperson for EPS Landscaping says. “We start by understanding your immediate needs, the layout of your property, the flora that appeals to you, and your overall budget. Tell us how you envision your home or business to look and feel and we can draft an action plan to make it happen. Beginning with a rough outline with the necessary measurements, we will tap into our years of experience to create a design that meets your criteria. Whether it be a private vacation home or a business that wants to attract customers, our crew has experience working on all kinds of properties and bringing exciting landscape designs to life, all within a tight budget. Give us a call today to get started.”

EPS Landscaping’s crew members are intimately familiar with the climate and plants that have blessed Florida. Depending on the homeowner’s expected water budget, its landscapers can recommend low-water plants to save utility costs or a full assortment of tropical selections that thrive in the region’s subtropical climate. The finished design can also be embellished with head-turning features such as big, vibrant leaves, water features like a pool or a small waterfall, lava rock, or island decor, such as hanging lights or tiki torches.

Property owners can also turn to EPS Landscaping, after the initial design is completed, for recurring maintenance and tree care. The company’s lawn care services include mowing, fertilization, lawn pest control, and weed control while its tree care services can take on every task from tree planting to tree trimming, pruning, and removal. Landscapes can also be changed according to the time of year to add variety and save on maintenance costs.

Florida residents have recommended the services offered by EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC over and over again through several 5-star reviews. Customers praise the company’s professional crew, timely project delivery, responsive customer service, and affordable pricing. On its Google Business Profile, the Pembroke Pines landscaping services provider has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from over a dozen reviews.

One customer shares their experience with EPS Landscaping by saying, “Tim was absolutely wonderful to work with. He and his crew were extremely professional and courteous. They fixed my very old sprinkler system, replaced the pump, replaced the timer, and put down new grass in the whole front yard. The quality of the grass and the way it was laid is amazing. I’ve had so many compliments. They did everything in two days and worked very hard. I highly recommend them.”

Another local client writes, “I used this business and I'm very pleased with their services. From the staff, customer service, and owner everyone was professional and understanding of my wants and needs. I could not recommend this company enough. They did an excellent job at an affordable price. I will definitely be using them for landscaping services in the future.”

Readers looking for the best commercial landscaping in Southwest Ranches can contact EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC at (954) 980-9003 or write to it at info@epslandscaping.net for inquiries. The company serves customers in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, and Southwest Ranches.


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