EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC Expands Their Pembroke Pines Tree Trimming and Removal Offerings

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC recently announced tree removal services in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The company has now expanded on those services to offer tree trimming as well. In addition, Greg O’Connell, a spokesperson for the company, says that they have expanded their service area to now include more customers in the Broward County, Florida area.

“We offer a wide range of tree services throughout the Broward County area,” says O’Connell. “Tree trimming and removal are two of our specialties and we have a staff of highly qualified and experienced tree professionals that ensure every single job is done correctly.”

Pembroke Pines tree services include palm tree trimming

O’Connell says that during the spring months, tree trimming is essential as it helps to protect properties from potentially hazardous situations. As spring storms move in, trees and limbs can become treacherous. Sometimes strong Florida winds can down an entire tree, particularly if that tree is less than healthy to begin with. O’Connell states that having a tree service on standby is essential for Floridians to protect not only their properties but their loved ones, as well.

“Hurricanes are a real threat in Florida,” he says. “These storms bring with them some very dangerously high wind speeds. Winds of this magnitude could fall a healthy tree, much less one that has issues to begin with. We always recommend having trees, particularly those that are close to homes and other structures, checked and trimmed to make certain that they are not going to be a threat during these weather conditions.”

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC states that they can come to a home or business property and evaluate trees to ensure that they are not going to be hazardous should heavy winds hit the area. The company also offers routine tree trimming, which can help to keep trees healthy and beautiful and help to keep dead or dying limbs from falling onto vehicles, homes or people.

O’Connell states that they regularly remove trees that have become overgrown and gotten simply too big for the property and those that may potentially be in the way of a renovation. He says that the company commonly removes trees for customers who want to add a room on to their home or those who may be considering adding a swimming pool to their backyard.

In addition to removing trees, the company can also help customers to plant trees. Tree relocation and tree installation are two of the planting services that the company will now be offering to customers in their new service area. Trees may need to be relocated if their roots are causing or could potentially cause issues with a home or business’s foundation or if they are simply in the way of building or adding on to an existing structure. O’Connell states that they hire only the most talented and experienced professionals for their tree removal, trimming and relocating services to ensure that their customers’ properties are kept safe at all times.


EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC offers a full suite of tree removal, trimming and planting services, as well as general landscaping services including lawn mowing, weed removal, lawn fertilization, fungi removal and other services designed to help customers to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. The company’s website provides a full list of the services that they currently offer, as well as a look at their current service areas. O’Connell states that they are continually improving upon their current services and service areas and says that customers in the Broward County region can contact them directly by phone or by using their website contact form to schedule a service. The company states that they may be adding additional new service areas to their lineup in the very near future and urges those in the area to visit their website regularly to be kept informed of any new areas that they may be expanding to or any new services that they may be offering their existing service areas.


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