EPDM Roofing Company in Denver: Can Portable Solar Panels Power a Home

Roper Roofing & Solar, an EPDM roofing and solar panel expert based in Golden, Colorado, recently published a blog post that discusses whether portable solar panels can power an entire home in Denver. The simple answer is that portable solar panels do have the capacity to power a whole house, and many homeowners believe that it is a better alternative to traditional solar panels because they are lightweight and easier to install. These advantages make them suitable for use in various vehicles as well, such as buses, cars, ships, and boats.

Though portable panels have many perks, their weight can be a disadvantage in severe weather (such as during a storm). A storm can lift the panel and cause damage, unlike traditional panels which have sturdy foundations and are designed to stay in place even in adverse conditions. The article also considers those who would still prefer portable solar panels and offers tips on what factors to consider when choosing a product in this category. Brent Roper, the owner and president of Roper Roofing, says, “If you have yet to find a dependable solar panel installation service in Denver, CO, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing and Solar. Contact us today to learn how we can make you and your home more energy-independent.” The company offers EPDM roofing in Denver in addition to a wide range of services that include solar panel installation.

According to the post, some of the important factors to consider when choosing portable solar panels are their physical size, weight, and efficiency rating. The post also advises potential buyers to consider the power output, battery integration, and device charging times.

To begin with, the company explains that the physical size of a solar panel can limit the ways it can be used. For example, a portable solar panel suitable for hiking cannot be a 24-inch by 26-inch solar panel, as the owner will not be able to fit it in their backpack. However, this size would be a great option for use in a recreational vehicle or RV. The post advises buyers to choose a particular solar panel that is big enough to be able to collect the necessary energy for the purpose that they need but small enough so that it is easy to transport. Of course, when choosing solar panels for home use, there are far less limitations when considering size and weight.

According to the Roper Roofing & Solar blog post, the efficiency rating also needs to be considered because this will affect how much power it is able to generate in a given period (and in certain conditions). The efficiency rating of a solar panel will depend on the type of solar panel. Monocrystalline portable solar panels offer the best efficiency rating because they utilize one piece of pure silicon crystal. Their efficiency ratings are usually above 20%. Polycrystalline portable solar panels are next, which have an efficiency rating of 15-17%. Their efficiency rating is lower due to the impurities found in the silicon wafers used to fabricate these solar cells. The thin-film portable solar panels come last — and vary in terms of efficiency because they are often made with different materials, with an efficiency rating of only 11%.

Roper Roofing is licensed and insured to serve Denver homeowners and commercial property owners. Founded in 2005, the company works towards one goal: to help people have happier, healthier and more productive lives through their high-quality roofing services. The company has developed a positive reputation in the community over the years, as a result of their excellent roofing skills, professional conduct and honesty. Notably, Brent Roper is a second-generation roofing contractor who believes in establishing long-lasting relationships with his customers. In order to provide their clientele with the best services possible, the company has also partnered with the best roofing brands, including Owens Corning, GAF, CertainTeed, and more.

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