EPDM Roof Restoration Company in MI Explains How to Determine Whether a Roof Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Miller's Home Improvement, a company offering roofing services, such as EPDM roof restoration, in Clinton Township, Michigan, has recently published a blog post, titled “Where Do You Draw the Line on Repairing and Replacing Roofs?” This is important because as roofs get older or get damaged, homeowners and other property owners are faced with the dilemma of deciding whether the roof is to be replaced or simply repaired. Unfortunately, determining the proper time to replace or repair the roof is quite confusing, unless a roofing professional who can expertly determine the overall condition of the roofing materials is consulted. Miller’s Home Improvement has a team of expert roofers who have the knowledge, experience, skills, and methods to test the current capabilities of the roof.

One of the key reasons to have the roof simply repaired is when the damage is only minor. When the damage to the roof is minor and/or limited to small areas, roofing professionals will usually simply repair it. Almost any kind of damage that is confined to a small area can be repaired. For instance, minor holes in the roof can easily be patched up. There is no reason to have the roof replaced when the minor damages can be fixed.

Another key reason to have the roof simply repaired is when one’s budget is tight. The cost of a new roof will typically exceed the immediate budget of the average homeowner. Fortunately, sometimes, what appears to be a significant problem with a roof might be solved by an affordable repair. Or at least, the repair can buy some time for the homeowner to have a sufficient budget for a roof replacement if this is required.

Another important reason according to the Miller's Home Improvement blog post is when there is a need to maintain the architectural integrity of the roof. A roof replacement could significantly alter the look of the home. Thus, a better option would be a roof repair because this will keep the architectural design of the roof and the home as close to the original as possible. At most, a small part of the roof may be replaced.

Another good reason for simply having a roof repair instead of a roof replacement is when there is not enough time. Perhaps, there are important events, such as a vacation or travel that have already been scheduled, and having a roof replacement would not fit in. In case it is really necessary to have the roof replaced, the property owner will have to make a choice on whether to forego the previously scheduled event and go ahead with the roof replacement or neglect the roof problem at the present time and get back to it after the trip.

Meanwhile, if the roof has only been recently replaced, there’s no reason to have it replaced. It is simply not reasonable to have a roof replaced again just because it has sustained some damage due to a storm. Of course, it will all depend on the recommendation of the trusted roofing professionals as to the kind of damage that the roof has and the property owner’s budget.

There are also a number of reasons to have the roof replaced, such as: when the roof material has reached its sell-by date; the roof doesn’t comply with current building codes; the damage to the roof is too severe to be repaired; and, the roof was damaged in a recent natural disaster.

Established in 2003, Miller's Home Improvement has the primary goal of always surpassing customer expectations when they provide a roofing service that is both affordable and customized based on what the homeowner or other property owners really require and want. They have the necessary licenses and have the appropriate insurance to provide both commercial and residential roofing services.

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