Envy Pest Control Offers New Services

Envy Pest Control, a pest control company that has been in Bakersfield for over 5 years, is now offering new services to its clients. With the introduction of these new services, they are also providing a more comprehensive pest control service than ever before. This includes specialized treatments as well as integrated pest management solutions so that customers can have peace of mind and not worry about pests invading their homes again. "We want our customers to have complete comfort with the safety of their home," says John Wilkes-Royce, owner and operator of Envy Pest Control.

The company plans to expand the new and improved services to other areas of Southern California in order to provide customers with pest control treatment that is tailored for their specific needs. They are hoping to build on the success that they have built over the years.

This pest control service has been working on the concept of adding these new services for years. According to the owner of Envy Pest Control, they are finally ready to offer these services. With the addition of mice control, squirrel removal, and termite exterminations, he is confident that the company is poised for growth into a full-service pest service provider.

In the world of pest control, this company has been around for many years. They have always had an eye on expanding to offer new services and now that they are ready. Now customers can take advantage of a full range of pest control options to help keep their home safe. George Wilson, a resident of Bakersfield , CA, said this is important for homeowners. "I've had a few mice problems in the past and I was glad to know that they offer these new services that encompass this problem. It's important to have a pest control company that can help with any situation."

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