EnviroChill Saves Bakery from Food Disaster with New Technology

EnviroChill is delighted to acknowledge the successful installation of a new Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) in a local bakery shop, which paid dividends almost immediately. The company considers it their mission to bring forth new, innovative services that help improve cold room hygiene, reduce food wastage and save business owners money. More information on these systems is available here: https://envirochill.com.au/temperature-monitoring-made-easy/.

With their latest project completed a couple of weeks ago, the company saw the opportunity to follow up with their client to see how the newly installed Temperature Monitoring System was behaving. Surprisingly, the bakery reported that they had already been able to prevent an incident that would have cost them a significant amount of inventory, all thanks to TMS.

Andrew Carby is delighted with his new temperature monitoring system from EnviroChill.

"While this started out as any other project, we quickly built a good relationship with this client as we got to know more about their specific case," says Trinity Bond of EnviroChill, discussing the company's motivation to follow up on this particular case. Once they did this, they quickly learned that not only was the system working flawlessly, it had also helped prevent thousands of dollars (and days of labour) from being lost.

"Within a couple of days following the installation, a staff member of the bakery shop unplugged a freezer by accident, leaving it turned off and unattended," explains Bond. "This would most likely have gone unnoticed until until the next morning by which time it would have been too late to save the food. Thanks to the monitoring system, however, the manager of the bakery was notified long before this occurred. To be honest, we did not expect the system to come in handy so soon after the installation. Nevertheless, we couldn't be happier with the positive result. We believe our clients feel the same way since they got a very prompt return on their investment."

While the installation of the wireless Temperature Monitoring System (TMS) helped keep a bigger incident from happening, this was only an added bonus for the bakery shop. Originally, the owner intended to solve an on-going issue with one of their chillers. A representative of the bakery says, "One of our fridges wasn't working correctly, though we weren't sure whether it was an electrical or refrigeration problem. The electrician suggested we get in touch with EnviroChill so we would know exactly what was going on with the fridges."

They add that, while this was a significant problem that caused a lot of frustration among the shop’s staff, they initially hesitated to install a TMS due to the assumed cost. They say, "You never knew when a breakdown would occur, so if a fridge was out when the baker came in you just had to throw stuff away, sometimes like 80% of the stock. It’s something that is always on our mind because of the interruption to the business and inconvenience to our customers. Eventually, this would have cost us more than the installation itself, so we decided to make the upfront investment instead. We were pleasantly surprised, as the system was significantly more affordable than what we originally thought. When I heard the price, I thought there was a zero missing."

The bakery's representative states that, soon after the installation, they realized they had made the right call by choosing EnviroChill. The system was easy to use, and it only took a couple of days to get used to the cycles. They have gone as far as installing the system’s associated app on some of the staff member's phones so that more people can monitor problems as they crop up. The representative says, "Today, I am more relaxed and confident about our food safety. I can tell by the readings now whether it is an equipment fault, staff error or just the fridges being overworked in our busy times. I recommend it to anyone with refrigeration in their business."

EnviroChill 's website offers more details on the company and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Trinity Bond of EnviroChill to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with the company’s representatives through their official social media pages. Visit them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/EnviroChill.



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