Enrolling In Medicaid For Rehab Recommendations for New Mexico Residents from Icarus Behavioral Health

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Icarus Behavioral Health, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has published a series of articles that offer the community guidance on signing up for Medicaid in NM. The organization is committed to helping people suffering from addiction to begin or make progress on their journey to sobriety, and it is widely known that the cost of rehab can be a limiting factor. As such, the team at Icarus Behavioral Health hopes that these materials will help more people get covered so they can receive the treatment they need.

When an individual comes to the conclusion that they need rehab, the primary concern on their mind may have to do with the potential difficulty of undergoing the process itself. However, a significant component of their concerns will inevitably be the cost associated with this path, especially if they are not sure their insurance covers it — or if they are uninsured altogether. Given that most have employer-provided insurance, they may find it harder to pay for rehab if they lost their job as a result of their addiction. Notably, rehab itself is only one part of an individual’s financial concerns. In many cases, they will either not be able to work or otherwise have no income, and other debts may accrue while they seek treatment. This makes it vital for them to seek assistance wherever possible.

A pregnant woman and her daughter are excited at signing up for Medicaid in New Mexico with a resource from Icarus Behavioral Health

One ideal solution may lie in the Medicaid program. Unfortunately, signing up can prove to be a challenging process due to the many aspects that need to be considered, but this is what Icarus Behavioral Health aims to help with through its articles. For instance, they point out that the first factor that needs to be taken into account is the individual’s monthly income. The article says, “New Mexico Medicaid is based on how much money you make each month as well as how many people are in your family. Adults will qualify for Medicaid if their income is less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level. Of course, this is a moving target depending on whether you are a solo individual, have a spouse, or have other dependents.”

It continues, “For example, an individual who wants to qualify for New Mexico Medicaid can make up to $1,468 per month. If you move to income for a family of four, you can make up to $3,013 per month.” The line for eligibility can also change depending on other factors, and it is recommended that everyone read the full article to learn more.

On the other hand, the center recognizes that many will find it difficult to maintain a lasting recovery, and some may relapse. Certain individuals, however, will find it more difficult than others, and they may relapse several times. When this occurs repeatedly, it is known as a chronic relapsing disease, and there are specific protocols that should be followed to ensure they receive the care they need. Icarus Behavioral Health says, however, that there are programs of treatment for chronic relapsers, and a person in this situation should have hope that lasting recovery is indeed possible — and attainable.

“Relapsing into substance abuse after receiving treatment is chronic if one suffers from the continuation of backsliding into addiction. Most chronic relapsers have completed a short (30-90 day) rehabilitation program for their addiction. This is due to the fact that those with serious addictions typically require treatment for a minimum of 90 days before seeing any significant improvement.” It is essential that an individual experiencing this finds an appropriate rehab, specifically one that understands how chronic relapse should be treated. It represents their best chance to ensure that the lessons they learn in recovery will have a lasting impact and continue to help them face the challenges of drug or alcohol addiction.

The center encourages the community to have hope and to investigate their insurance policy to ensure they qualify for the assistance required to go to rehab for conditions of this nature. Should anyone have any questions regarding Medicaid, the length of treatment, the signs associated with addiction, individualized substance abuse treatment methods, and more, the team at Icarus Behavioral Health is on hand to help via phone or email.


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