End of Life Doula Volunteers Mark A Strong Addition to Sholom Hospice Program

Sholom, based in St. Louis Park, MN, is pleased to report that their End of Life (EOL) Doula pilot program has seen considerable success since its implementation roughly a year ago. Launched in November 2019, this Sholom hospice program brought a community of trained volunteers to provide various forms of assistance to patients who were nearing the end of their lives. The hospice center is also proud to share that the hard-working volunteers on this program have been continuing their work unabated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Sholom, an EOL Doula’s goal is to supplement hospice care with patient-centered attention that serves the latter’s needs through methods that are suitable, available, and personally relevant. They do not provide medical care. Their role is to provide individualized support to patients and their families.

Doulas describe their services this way: “With gentle listening skills and freedom from judgment, EOL Doulas can help facilitate conversations about death and dying with the patient and their family. EOL Doulas focus on patient goals, preferences, and choices.” In pursuit of these goals, their services may include maintaining a bedside presence, sacred oil rituals, aromatherapy, meaning and legacy work, guided imagery and visualization, and so on. They can also provide assistance with vigil planning and bereavement services.

This addition to the center’s hospice care facilities has been incredibly welcoming among the families they help. A member from one of these families (whose father received End of Life Doula care) says, “Amy, the doula that was with my dad, made my dad's last month or so an amazing time — by sharing stories, playing him classical guitar music on her phone, or just sitting in silence with him holding his hand. She was my extension, and the assurance that calmed him and me, knowing he was in loving hands and not alone. I know the End of Life Doula is a new program for Sholom, and I highly recommend that other families are made aware of it and are also offered doulas. It's an amazing addition to the hospice care.”

They conclude, “Each of the special niches that all of this amazing team provided to my dad and our family was life-changing and made for a beautiful transition that I will always be grateful for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Other families who are interested in entering their loved one into this program may contact Sholom today to get started. The facility is always ready to provide assistance wherever possible, and families are welcome to get in touch with their representatives to make further inquiries about their EOL Doula program.

This program, despite its success, is only one of many steps that Sholom has taken to ensure they deliver best-in-class hospice care to their elderly community. Their patient-focused care, which is intended for individuals with a prognosis of six months or less, takes a comfort-focused approach to treatment that ensures each patient experiences as little suffering as possible in their remaining time. On-call care and support is available to patients at all times, without exception, and each center’s staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and social workers. These services can be based at the patient’s home as well, allowing them to remain in a familiar environment, especially if family is on hand.

Where family is concerned, the team at Sholom is always ready to allay any fears and respond to any requirements they may have regarding their loved one’s care. They open their doors to people of all cultures and faiths as well, working with families who need emotional, spiritual, and medical support in dark times. Sholom says, “For us, hospice is not just a profession; it is our calling.”

More information regarding Sholom, their facilities, programs, and the End of Life Doula program, in particular, can be found on the company’s official website and other online resources. In addition, families may directly contact Jamie Maddeaux of Sholom Community Alliance to discuss their requirements in further detail. Similarly, Sholom Community Alliance invites their community to view the company Facebook page for an overview of their recent endeavors as well as quick links to more resources.


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