EMS Offers Exclusive Payment Processing and Gift Card Program for Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

Electronic Merchant Systems, a nationwide payment processor that has helped local businesses and small businesses grow for over 30 years, is offering an exclusive payment processing and gift card program for Herbalife Nutrition Clubs. Readers can find out more about the offer by heading over to the link: https://www.emscorporate.com/industries/herbalife.

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. is a global multi-level marketing corporation founded in 1980 that develops and sells dietary supplements. Today, it employs over 10,000 people all over the world. An Herbalife Nutrition Club allows people from the Herbalife community to come together, enjoy the company’s range of products, get tips on general nutrition, and take part in weight loss challenges, group activities, and exercises.

herbalife nutrition payment processing

Those who own an Herbalife Nutrition Club and participate in EMS’s offer can now benefit from the use of the PAX A920 wireless mobile payment terminal. This terminal allows Herbalife Nutrition Club owners to accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, EMV chip, swipe, and contactless payments. The touchscreen-based PAX A920 is sleekly designed and also has a cash register functionality paired with cloud-based reporting. The terminal also allows Herbalife Nutrition Club owners to accurately track sales and simplify their bookkeeping. Previously, Herbalife Nutrition Club owners were limited to options such as Square, Clover, and Paypal, each of which came with its own limitations, and did not support all of the aforementioned payment technologies, putting the business at a distinct disadvantage.

In addition to the advanced wireless payment terminal, Electronic Merchant Systems also offers Herbalife Nutrition Club owners a very intuitive gift and loyalty card program that can be completely customized to their business. Gift cards and loyalty cards have been known to be very effective tools for increasing customer engagement and boosting the bottom line. The cards reward loyal customers, encouraging them to spend their hard-earned money with the business. It builds the brand’s trustworthiness and entices customers to keep on returning.

Traditionally, businesses relied on punching holes or stamping paper cards to implement gift card and loyalty card programs. Electronic Merchant Systems has modernized the system as its gift and loyalty card program allows small businesses to give their customers the same kind of benefits that bigger corporations are able to offer. Whether the business wants to include a “Buy 9 items and get the 10th free” kind of promotion, or any other kind of promotion, those options are available in EMS’s system. The company will provide the business with credit card-style gift cards that are digitally retrievable and easy to track. The cards themselves are also designed by EMS' in-house creative team to match any Herbalife Nutrition Club's signature style.

Account Executive at Electronic Merchant Systems, Kelley Love, talks about the services offered by the company by saying, “We are proud to announce this payment processing offer as it opens up a whole new world of accepting payments and building relationships with customers to Herbalife Nutrition Club owners. No longer will you have to turn back customers because you can’t accept payments. With the PAX A920, you will be able to offer your customers the same kind of service and convenience that they enjoy in larger chains and stores. On top of the payment options, our gift and loyalty card program is also a great way to hook your customers in for the long run and to keep them coming back. Just imagine their excitement when they receive a specialized gift card that helps them save money when they buy your products. They will be grateful and reward you with repeat business. So if these perks sound like they can skyrocket your business, give us a call at 216-230-3270 and we will help you set up what you need in your Herbalife Nutrition Club.”


Electronic Merchant Systems has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over 10 years. The company provides 24/7/365 customer support to all of its clients. EMS has been named one of Retail CIO’s 10 Most Promising Payment and Card companies of 2019, a Top 20 Most Promising POS Solution Provider in 2020, and is recognized as a Top 10 provider in CIOReview’s Mobile Payment 2021.


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