EMS’ ISO Agent Program Offers Expedited Funding Benefits for ISO Agents

Electronic Merchant Systems ISO Agent Program offers expedited funding for Agents to offer their merchants. This ensures truly fast funding for merchants, which is a huge advantage and selling point. As the top merchant services provider, EMS guarantees expedited funding for ISO agents to provide their merchants with the money they earn, taking the stress out of meeting payroll demands, purchasing inventory, and meeting other expenses.

The secure payment processor claims that expedited funding helps merchants enhance working capital compared with most credit card processors that delay payments by one or two business days, “which is too long when there are payroll deadlines and bills to pay,” EMS says.

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EMS’ expedited funding feature is the fastest in the industry, empowering merchants to improve cash flow. It also helps improve operational efficiencies, claims the top payment processing company.

The Expedited Funding times are a huge selling point for ISO agents and give them a competitive edge. EMS agents get the upper hand over other merchants when it comes to making payment processing. They can leverage this feature to expand their portfolio.

“Through this program, merchants batching transactions by 11:00 pm (EST) will see the funds arrive at their bank as early as 6:00 am (EST). EMS understands that 11:00 pm (EST) batch time might not work for all businesses, especially those on the west coast, so we have also set up a 5:00 am (EST) batch time. This allows merchants that batch by 5:00 am (EST) to receive the funds at their bank by 12 noon (EST) the same day. For west coast merchants, that means if they batch out by 2:00 am (PST), they will receive their funds at the bank by 9:00 am (PST) that morning,” according to EMS.

EMS suggests assessing and evaluating the role of a payment processor. If that does not ensure speedy payments, ISO agents should consider changing to one that guarantees same-day payments so they can see their hard-earned money in their account immediately.

Electronic Merchant Systems prides itself on its agent-first solutions designed to help ISO agents get a competitive edge and be successful. The merchant payment services solutions provider meets the needs for today and anticipates them for tomorrow so their merchants can effortlessly focus on growing their portfolio.

“We believe a service promise should be more than the same old laundry list you’ve seen from other processors. We are committed to your success because our success as an organization begins with you,” EMS states.

Electronic Merchant Systems is based in Ohio and is a favorite among merchants for its unique ISO Agent Program. The company has been helping agents expand and succeed in their business since 1988. EMS has been consistently focusing on building a team of successful ISO agents and providing them exactly what they need. Anybody looking for the top payment processing partner should get in touch with EMS on its website.


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