Emondage Westmount Is Offering Tree Pruning And Trimming Service In Westmount, Quebec

Emondage Westmount is offering a wide range of tree service options for the residents of Westmount, Quebec. The company’s tree trimming and tree pruning services are ideal for homeowners in the region who are dealing with overgrown trees that pose a threat to their safety or are interfering with the carefully designed aesthetic of the rest of the property.

Property owners may come across many industry terms such as tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree topping when they are out looking for a service to take care of their tree problems. It is understandable that those who don’t have experience in dealing with such tree trimming and pruning services might not be able to distinguish between the different terms and might assume that they mean the same thing. However, there are some key differences between the services that need to be understood by a homeowner to make the right decision that suits their needs.

Tree topping involves cutting off the tops of mature trees. Tree topping reduces the top branches to stubs by removing the leafy crowns. Tree topping is also sometimes referred to by other common terms such as heading, tipping, stubbing, dehorning, hat-racking, and rounding over. Tree topping is a myopic measure that only works in the short term and leaves the tree weakened and unhealthy in the long term. Tree topping removes the leaves that are near the top and are the most responsible for gathering nutrients such as sunlight, leaving the tree starving. It also leaves the entire tree stressed, makes it vulnerable to rot and insects, and ruins its aesthetic appeal by destroying its natural form.

Tree topping is usually carried out by untrained individuals who are only interested in removing the hazardous parts of the tree without care or any regard for the health of the rest of the tree. Tree topping is most likely done to prevent a tree’s branches from entangling with the power lines, preventing them from being hazards during a thunderstorm, or to give the homeowners a desirable view. Emondage Westmount appeals to homeowners that they should only rely on professionals for tree services as they will know how to solve the property owner’s problems without damaging the health and longevity of the tree. A responsible and professional tree services company like Emondage Westmount will recommend tree trimming and pruning instead.

Tree trimming is the process of removing selective branches from the tree to increase its aesthetic appeal. Tree trimming is exclusively meant to make the tree look its best, by removing the branches that have sprouted out into various directions. Tree trimming removes the overgrowth and balances the tree making it look pleasing and well-shaped. The side effect of trimming is that the trees end up healthier because it increases the exposure of the leaves to the sun and improves air circulation. Tree trimming also increases the likelihood of a tree’s survival.

Tree pruning is similar to tree trimming but it is carried out with the intention of ensuring that the tree has a healthy future growth. Tree pruning helps protect a tree against pests and diseases. Dead, decaying, crisscrossing, and loose branches are pruned to remove all the impediments that prevent a tree from being healthy and flourishing. Tree pruning, when performed under the watchful eye of an expert, can improve a tree’s natural growth and make it bloom more flowers and fruit.

Tree trimming is best done annually in preparation for thunderstorm season to ensure that the trees are not being a danger to those living on the property. Tree pruning is best carried out at particular times of the year depending on the type of tree, whether it is spring flowering or summer flowering. An expert tree pruning service such as Emondage Westmount is a homeowner’s best bet at getting the right information about the flora on their property.

Readers can find out more about Emondage Westmount’s tree trimming and tree pruning services by heading over to https://www.treeservicewestmount.com/tree-trimming-tree-pruning.html. They can be contacted at the phone number 514-613-1117 for all business inquiries.


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