Emondage Sainte-Foy Tree Services Warns Against Waiting too Long to do Tree Trimming

Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, Quebec City – Roger Dangerfield had a hard call to make to take care of his dead, sick and dying trees. But, he said, "I could not decide if I should take the reins or let a professional handle it. While I knew there were some preventative measures I could do myself. Something kept telling me rather leave it to a professional, and I'm glad I did."

Dangerfield went on to say that he started searching online and found Emondage Sainte-Foy tree services ready to take his call. The homeowner mentioned he spoke to Mr. Dansereau and scheduled to have them check out his property. Roger chatted to our reported over the weekend, and the team of Emondage Sainte-Foy was busy cleaning up the yard.

Our reporter spoke to the business owner to find out more about tree trimming and tree pruning. The arborist mentioned that his client chose the best time of the year to have the service done. As tree professionals, the team knows how to handle tree emergencies without causing more damage to the trees. The first thing the tree-trimming provider noticed were trees touching the power lines.

For the homeowner, this is a considerable fire hazard leading to a lot of property damage. The business owner said, "If his client decided to trim the branches near the power lines, he would put himself and others in danger. Roger could start a fire, be injured, or even die in the process. Yet, the client did the right thing to call in a professional to check it out remove the threat."

Emondage Sainte-Foy's owner went on to say they noticed branches splitting on some of the trees. These usually happen after storms from heavy winds. The branches crack, causing a split and falls. While a homeowner might find it tempting to grab a ladder with friends' help, it can lead to serious injury from other branches falling. For information related to emergency services, click here: https://www.emondagesainte-foy.com/emondage-et-elagage.html.

The tree service owner in Quebec City advised that property owners should never risk doing tree felling and risking themselves to injury. He went on to mention that improper pruning also took place on the client's property. This has led to exposed roots causing the tree to lean to the side and starting to uproot. The arborist said that he was glad the client did not brace the tree or wait for it to fall. Further, the team of tree experts removed branches resting and rubbing against the home.

According to Emondage Sainte-Foy, one of the branches was growing close to the window. With a strong wind, it could break the glass. The tree expert advised that it might seem tempting for homeowners to use loppers on a branch resting on the house, but best to leave it to the professionals. Yet, the business owner said that the arborists also noticed visible decay in some of the trees, causing them to become weaker.

While many property owners feel it is not a pressing issue, the tree rots from the inside out and starts losing limbs creating a falling hazard in storms. Our professional team will be providing our client with the proper treatment as removing the threes is not needed. Lastly, the tree trimming and pruning provider also noticed a fallen tree in the yard. Our team has given Roger a choice if he wants to have it removed or not; it does not pose a risk.

The client decided to use Emondage Sainte-Foy to do some wood chipping to use the chips in the garden as mulch. The tree trimming and tree pruning agency presents all in Quebec City with loads of services from cutting down trees, shredding, stumping, and planting trees. Visit this webpage www.emondagesainte-foy.com/emondage-et-elagage.html to learn more about their tree trimming service.


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