Emondage Saint Jerome Helps Homeowners Decide When Trees Need To Be Cut Down

Quebec, Canada based Emondage Saint-Jerome is reaching out to remind local homeowners that proper tree care is one of the best ways to avoid having to cut down their trees. Whether a tree needs to be looked after or cut down, however, customers in Saint-Jerome and the surrounding areas can rest assured that Emondage Saint-Jerome can see to all their tree’s needs.

Tree removal is a highly regarded aspect of tree service, the company explains, but this does not mean that it is always necessary. It is more accurate to say that tree removal is the last option any professional tree service provider would recommend, and all other options have to be discussed first. Furthermore, the company’s experts will likely take a look at the rest of the property in order to help the owner determine how they may avoid having to cut down other trees in the future. With Emondage Saint-Jerome’s help, a tree’s longevity can be preserved for many years to come.

Unfortunately, there sometimes is no choice but to have the tree in question felled. For instance, trees can be susceptible to weathering, particularly during the types of severe weather conditions that produce high winds. Trees that get battered during a storm can produce cracks in their trunk and branches, reducing their overall stability and integrity. Branches in this state may be more likely to fall and damage nearby property (or cause harm to anyone unlucky enough to be standing below). Damage to the trunk may lead to the tree being at risk of falling over — which is extremely hazardous given their sheer weight.

Emondage Saint-Jerome notes that homeowners can opt to have their trees braced in order to provide them with additional support. This can improve their resistance to windy conditions and prolong their lifespan by a few years (at the very least). However, this is not always feasible.

Wind and stormy weather are not the only situations in which a tree can become too weak to support its own bulk. Emondage Saint-Jerome advises their community to be on the lookout for signs of infestation, either by insects or fungi and parasites. While damage may not become evident as dramatically as it would following a storm, the company asserts that these creatures can still wreak havoc with a tree, and infestations are known to kill trees when left unattended. If the problem is not corrected swiftly, tree removal will be the only viable option.

The company does acknowledge that there is a clear window of opportunity to fix such an issue, however. Should an infestation be noticed, homeowners are advised to contact the team at Emondage Saint-Jerome immediately for help. Their arborists can develop a plan to rescue the tree if they are notified in time. Alternatively, a regular checkup performed a few times every year (especially in areas where such infestations are common) can help homeowners who are not able to spot the signs of trouble on their own. As with most situations, early intervention is the best response.

Two trees can sometimes compete with each other for space and resources, putting both at risk if they grow too close together. In certain cases, their branches can become entangled as well, which may force the homeowner to consider felling one in order to save the other. This may or may not be a difficult choice for them, but the company assures that they do not have to make it alone. Their team has dealt with such trees on many occasions, and they are familiar with the process of deciding which tree will remain and which will get cut down. A homeowner can always rely on their input to help them make the choice that suits their situation best.

No matter the issue at hand, local residents can turn to Emondage Saint-Jerome for professional assistance with their trees. Customers are welcome to get in touch with Mr. Trudeau of Emondage Saint-Jerome if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries or request an estimate. More information about the company, their services and their work in the field can also be found at the following link: www.emondagesaint-jerome.com/abattre-un-arbre.html.


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