Emondage Saint-Hyacinthe Warns Doing DIY Tree Removal is Dangerous

Quebec, Canada-based Emondage Saint-Hyacinthe tree removal service warns residents that DIY tree removal is dangerous. Mr. Meunier said, “This is a position that those at Emondage Saint-Hyacinthe feel very strongly about. First of all, I would like to tell homeowners that we are a professional tree care service. We encourage our clients to save a few dollars if they have the know-how and proper equipment to do the job. With that said, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a professional handle all tree removal needs. There are too many risks involved with landowners and their property when doing this type of tree work.”

The business owner went on to say that there are services that property homers can tackle themselves but need to do thorough research before doing it. These include tree maintenance activities from tree trimming to pruning on ground level. He said that while the costs of having a tree removed may cause homeowners to consider DIY methods. The owner emphasized that having it done by a professional tree care company is a better choice. Finally, Emondage Saint-Hyacinthe mentioned that residents need the correct equipment to complete the daunting task.

The owner said, “That an experienced company such as theirs have all the right equipment to handle the job. They use powerful chainsaws, lift trucks, to guide ropes essential to having a tree removed safely. But, unfortunately, buying these tools is expensive for property owners, and they need the right skills to do tree felling. Handling these heavy-duty tools takes experience if they want to do it safely. So his team of arborists is trained to handle the equipment and know-how to lean the tree to determine a possible landing place.”

The business owner said that another main reason for discouraging people from undertaking DIY tree removal is dangerous. The improper use of equipment such as chainsaws and not having the proper safety gear or training can lead to devastation for the family and property. Meunier mentioned that thousands of property losses result from property owners doing tree removal themselves. For more information concerning the tree removal service, you can head overhear: www.emondagesaint-hyacinthe.com/abattre-un-arbre.html

The ower mentioned that Emondage Saint-Hyacinthe has a variety of other quality services besides doing tree removal safely. This includes removing the stump resulting from tree felling so that the landscaping where it stood once could be reclaimed. He added that his arborists are trained to use the best practices when trimming and pruning different tree species. The tree care service is available 24-hours a day for homeowners to call in emergencies. His crew can perform emergency tree services to do land clearing and debris removal. The owner added that residents in Saint-Hyacinthe and surroundings who want more information about the services offered can get the information by calling them or visiting their website.


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