Emondage Pointe-Claire Declares Property Damage is no Longer a Concern for Montreal Residence

Pointe-Claire Urban Cluster, Montreal – Thanks to a leading provider of tree trimming and tree pruning, customers of the Pointe-Claire area can sleep peacefully at night. Mr. Laporte, the company owner, recently announced residence no longer need to worry about property damage occurring during dangerous tree trimming services. The company will always be available 24/7 to deal with any emergencies.

Danny Dyer chatted to one of our reporters, saying, “In my area, it can be challenging to find the right guys for tree trimming and pruning. Not even to mention anything more complex. However, the arborists from the Pointe-Claire tree company provide an excellent tree service with fair prices. They had come to inspect my trees and bushes. The team ended up doing some stump grinding with impressive work.”

According to the company owner, “While we always do our best to reduce the risk of property damage,” things can go wrong when least expect them to. For example, trees on properties that are dead or dying may pose a threat to residents and possibly neighbors. Our licensed arborists are experts at maintaining the health and longevity of trees. Yet, we always put safety first. It is in everyone’s best interest to get a tree removed from the property before it becomes a hazard.”

The company has a team of professionals with experience and extensive training with safety protocols in place. Further, the owner mentioned that Emondage Pointe-Claire has the best equipment to tackle any tree maintenance, from trimming, pruning to stump grinding. As a result, the crew can safely deal with risky procedures even if it is the tallest tree in the yard.

The owner went on to state that it is their responsibility to protect residential and commercial properties. In the process, the team minimizes the risk of property damage and does everything in their power to keep it that way. While the company is a family business founded a few years ago, it has grown into a capable tree service provider in Montreal.

The owner mentioned that the business provides different types of services and not only tree trimming and pruning. One of the critical services offered is tree removal and emergency tree care. The service includes handling high-risk trees found close to utilities and infrastructures. Laporte went on to say that, the tree on Dyer’s property was a massive 110 feet tall one that fell over, but luckily, it did not damage anything. Our team needed to do stump grinding and use a wood chipper to break up the leftover wood into smaller bits to remove the stump.

Our client decided to keep the wood chips to add as a protective layer around the foliage in the garden to help retain moisture. At least Roy has enough wood from the tree left to use as firewood as well. Emondage Pointe-Claire performs all tree maintenance procedures to assist anyone needing such a service. For detailed information about the services offered, follow this link www.treeservicepointe-claire.com/tree-trimming-tree-pruning.html to get in contact with them.


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