Emondage Pierrefonds Warned Against DIY Tree Trimming

Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Island of Montreal-based Emondage Pierrefonds warns residents against taking the DIY tree trimming route. Mr. Boyer said, "Many homeowners in Pierrefonds-Roxboro want to take tree trimming into their own hands as they have trimming shears and a chainsaw. The big problem is that landowners do not have the training to do the job correctly, exposing themselves, the property, and the tree to dangers. Some residents feel tree trimming is a simple process climbing a ladder, cutting off branches, sawing the trunk, and dragging it away to the garbage."

Boyer went on to say that it might seem pretty straightforward. Still, the practice of tree trimming is intricate and dangerous for untrained homeowners to do. In the years of tree trimming, his crew has spoken to many customers who injured themselves during the process. All of these injuries are caused by faulty equipment, falling limbs, or carelessness. The owner went on to say he remembered one particular incident with his client using an extension ladder. The ladder did not reach three feet past the branch, making it rise up beyond the ladder resulting in a fall.

The business owner said, "Occasionally property-owners do not use the right equipment. As a result, the tools become faulty like a chainsaw, resulting in a terrible accident. They lose control over the tool, making them trip and fall. Another concern is that many residents do not have knowledge about the biology and physics of the tree. His arborist does not just hack away at the tree with an ax cutting corners to remove the limbs in unwieldy sections. Doing this makes those limbs difficult to control, causing damage to the tree."

The owner mentioned with their qualified tree care professionals, safety is the cornerstone of the profession. With their training and experience, they can navigate hazards to keep the property and the residents safe. For example, the crew has the training to identify branches decaying, cracked, or unbalanced weight. In the process, the tree trimming crew avoids the overhead electrical wires. Also, the arborists prevent the tree from falling when working on them. Further, they remove portions of the tree without causing harm to the tree or property.

Emondage Pierrefonds mentioned that when landowners prune the collar incorrectly, it exposes the tree to infestation and diseases. The tree trunk holds all the special cells to help heal the wounds it sustains. When damaged, homeowners run into issues leading to rot, eventually needing tree removal. Another concern with DIY tree trimming is that people remove too much foliage, the main component of the tree. Doing this prevents three from getting the nutrients needed to survive depriving them of photosythesizing starving them to death.

Boyer said that these are not the only concerns they have seen with DIY tree trimming as the bark tears protecting them from diseases. Once the bark tears, it becomes exposed to many things leading to significant concerns. The owner said that instead of taking tree trimming or pruning into customers' own hands, they should contact a professional instead. Readers who would like to know more about the service offered can head over here: www.treeservicepierrefonds-roxboro.com/tree-trimming-tree-pruning.html.


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