Emondage Montreal Reminds Why Tree Removal is Best Left to Professionals

Emondage Montreal is a company that offers a wide variety of professional tree services. Among its most popular services is tree removal. It’s also one of the most dangerous and technical tree tasks that those at this company do. These are just some of the reasons why they encourage property owners in the Montreal, Canada area to leave tree removal to experts at this task such as them.

The company owner, Mr. Pinard, says, “There is no other job as tree professionals that keeps us on our toes as much as tree removal. The bigger the tree we are taking down the more angst that goes along with that tree task. Our tree techs fully realize that they have to always keep safety at the forefront and be meticulous in their planning and preparation to fell a tree properly. Because of all the expertise required and dangers involved in taking a tree down, we always recommend that home and business owners leave this job to experienced tree professionals such as us.”

Emondage Montreal is offering a tree removal service.

Pinard went on to say that tree removal is so difficult and dangerous that it’s a job that is always assigned to their most experienced crews. That expertise makes a huge difference when it comes to planning. They know such things as how to pick a safe landing zone for the tree that minimizes risk to people and property. He says their crews also know exactly how to notch the tree to get it to fall in the direction that they want and how to properly tether it to ensure that it lands exactly where intended. Tree removal experience also plays a role in whether the crew decides a tree is too large to bring down all at once and whether the job would go smoother if several of the larger branches were first removed. All of this can only be accomplished every time by crew members like theirs that have seen tree removal done the proper way many times before.

The company owner also said that most home and business owners do not have all of the specialized equipment that’s required to take down a tree. That includes having a variety of chain saws at their disposal that are always operated properly and that have teeth that are kept razor sharp. Their specialized tree safety cabling and bracing equipment is also something that cannot be rented in most instances and is a ‘must have’ piece of equipment for any tree removal project. He stated that their crews having access to bucket trucks, different size ladders, and other specialized tree removal equipment is also paramount to bringing down any tree in the safest possible manner. Also mentioned by him is that they have all of the necessary insurances in place in case of a rare mishap while performing tree removal and that with the affordable prices that they charge for this work no nonprofessional even needs to consider trying to take on this potentially dangerous tree task themselves. They also can help any of their customers out with an inspection if they need advice as to whether a tree needs to come down or not and any necessary permits that the job requires. Their crews will also cut up and dispose of the tree after it has come down and do a thorough yard clean-up before leaving.

Pinard went on to talk about some of the other tree services that they offer. This includes their expert stump removal services. These are necessary to reclaim the ground area where a tree once stood. Their skilled arborists are also very adept when it comes to tree trimming and pruning. This includes knowing exactly when and how to trim the many different species of trees that are found in the Montreal area. Emondage Montreal can also stake and brace a customer’s leaning or weak trees, help a customer plant new trees, and trim & shape hedges.

Those property owners with tree concerns in the areas of Montreal that the company serves can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the free quote form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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