Emondage Montreal Is Offering Elagage Arbre And Dechiquetage (Tree Pruning & Wood Chipping) Services

Emondage Montreal is offering tree pruning and wood chipping services in Montreal, Quebec. Readers can find out more about the company’s services by heading over to www.emondagemontreal.ca.

Tree pruning is carried out to change the shape and expanse of a tree while making sure its health is preserved. There are many reasons why one might opt for tree pruning. Homeowners who are working on special projects to improve their yard may have specific requirements that require shedding sections of the tree to make space for a feature. Some might want to create a relaxation area that utilizes the cool natural shade provided by the canopy of the tree. Some homeowners might have particular requirements for the shape of the foliage on their property to make it seem uniform and cohesive.

The most important consideration while pruning a tree is to cut off its limbs in such a way that its arboricultural development is not stunted and it is still able to thrive after it has been sheared. There are many subtleties to the craft that can seem unimportant to an untrained eye. However, they will matter a great deal for the long-term health and wellness of the tree that is being pruned. To give just one example, an expert arborist is necessary to make sure that the right limbs and branches are chopped off, leaving the tree in a balanced and stable condition, without making its weight lopsided. Emondage Montreal aims to be that expert service in the city of Montreal and all of Quebec province.

Once a tree has been pruned, the homeowner is going to be left with a lot of vegetative matter that is not going to be easy to dispose of. Emondage Montreal has a solution for this problem too. The company has access to a wood chipper that can turn wooden debris into chips. The wood chipper shreds the remains after a tree felling or tree pruning operation and takes the burden of disposal off the homeowner’s plate.

Wood chippers have a number of benefits. First of all, it is much faster than trying to chop up the remaining debris with a chainsaw or going at it manually with an ax. Secondly, a wood chipper produces a smaller and more compact end product in the form of wood chips that are easy to store and fit in a much smaller area compared to the limbs and branches that they were generated from. Thus, a wood chipper ends up saving both time and space for the homeowner.

Another salient advantage of using a wood chipper is the elimination of the need to store wood. Wooden debris when left unprotected and exposed to the elements can attract small animals and pests such as bugs, skunks, raccoons, hedgehogs, and more. The wood can also start rotting due to the presence of humidity in the air, leading to the growth of mushrooms which emanate a foul odor. This combination of wildlife and natural forces can make dealing with wooden debris a hassle that is best avoided by homeowners who want to focus on the home improvement project that they wanted to build in the first place.

The wood chips that are created after the shredding can be used as mulch in flower beds or vegetable gardens. They can even be mixed in compost or used as animal litter in a dry toilet. It is even possible to use them as fuel for the fireplace, albeit after following some commonsense safety precautions. Wood shavings can also be used to replace salt or gravel to melt the ice or snow on the driveway in the winter. In case the homeowner is not interested in keeping the wood chips, the company also offers to take them off their hands after the job is done.

Readers can find out more about the company’s wood shredding services by heading to: https://www.emondagemontreal.ca/dechiquetage.html. Emondage Montreal can be contacted at the phone number 514-900-1130 for all business inquiries.


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