Emondage Levis Wood Chipping Service Saves the Day

Levis, Quebec City – After a tree became a danger to his family's safety; John Borisov decided to remove the mature tree a few months ago. After two days of hard work, he was left with a big stump in his yard. He decided it would be ok to leave it standing there. Yet, one late afternoon his boys were running around, and one of them fell over it, hurting himself badly. With a birthday party coming up he decided that stump must come out. But the idea of having to dig it out with the roots seemed impossible. So he spoke to work associates who recommended hiring Emondage Levis for his wood chipping project.

John said, "My workmate used the enterprise's wood chipping service before. They helped him remove a tree with its stump." When he called the company, Mr. Gobeil, the business owner, said his team would be there the following day. The homeowner mentioned that they did the wood chipping the day before. So the kids can now run around without hurting themselves at the birthday party.

Borisov mentioned further that Emondage Levis asked if he wanted the wood chips to use in the garden. The tree service owner said, "A tree stump takes up a big portion of land, making it unusable. And having one or more turns into a safety hazard, as seen with our client. Yet, it can also damage lawn moving tools. This is why homeowners should invest in stump and wood chipping after removing a tree."

Furthermore, the tree service owner said that the advantage of keeping the wood chips has many benefits. For example, the wood chips could improve soil health increasing fertility, saving costs on using fertilizer. Further, the owner mentioned that it provides water retention to slow down evaporation and provides temperature control to block the sun.

Alternatively, it could provide weed control when applied around plants. Therefore, the client can save money on water and compost as the wood chips act as an organic matter helping to stimulate the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, Mr. Borisov decided to keep the wood to use around the landscaping.

Emondage Levis told our reporter customers could choose two methods to remove a stump. First, residents can use stump grinding that is ideal for property owners needing to eradicate hazards. Second, the arborists use a powerful machine with a rotating blade to rip into the wood with the service. The blade cuts into the stump, changing it into small pieces taking it down below ground level. Still, complete stump removal works well for people who want to use the land for agriculture purposes.

Emondage Levis is a business that is equipped to handle different types of tree service projects. In addition to wood chipping, the establishment has a tree pruning team, tree removal team, and tree trimming crew. Also, it handles emergency tree services in Quebec City. With years of experience in wood chipping and other tree services, the business serves many customers in Quebec City like Charlesbourg, Beauport, and Vel-Belair.

The company promises all its clients a fast response to tree service requests. To learn more about the service of wood chipping, click here: https://www.emondagelevis.com/dechiquetage.html.


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