Emondage Levis is Providing Arboricultural Services Throughout Chaudière-Appalaches

Emondage Levis, a company providing arboricultural services throughout Chaudière-Appalaches, is offering services such as tree felling, tree pruning, and tree maintenance in Levis and surrounding areas.

The vegetation in the Canadian region of Quebec is mostly deciduous. Trees such as the sugar maple, the red maple, the white ash, the American beech, the butternut (white walnut), the American elm, the basswood, and many others make up the bulk of the tree species. The best time to prune them is either early spring before the buds burst or in late fall after the leaves have dropped off. During those seasons, the structure of the trees is most visible and it makes it easy for the crew to prune the trees exactly according to the requirements.

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Pruning a tree is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Trees can be pruned for an aesthetic reason or for the health and safety of those living on the property. Property owners might consider pruning a tree to shape and create a silhouette that will look pleasing. Pruning can even help carve out recessed areas for relaxation by removing lower branches.

Sometimes pruning might be absolutely necessary because the trees can have diseased or weak limbs that might give away in a strong wind. This can be a hazard for the buildings and the people on the property. A good arborist will know exactly what problems to spot and what steps to take to ensure that the premises are safe for everyone. They will take a methodical and clinical approach to clear branches that follows all industry-standard safety precautions.

Emondage Levis also helps in trimming the trees near power lines before the branches get to close with them. Due to the weight of the branches, sooner or later, a tree that is close to power lines might inevitably come in contact with them. This can be a major fire hazard as the sparks can cause the dry timber to catch on fire. It is also an infrastructure problem as the interrupted power lines will cause the entire subsection to lose power. Tree trimming can be an ongoing service as the tree might need pruning depending on its growth and the weather conditions. An expert arborist will find a way to prune a tree without removing it completely or harming its core so that it can continue to thrive.

Another service that is popular amongst the tree services company’s customers is guying. It is a process where trees that are unstable due to irregular growth are pruned to restore balance or reinforced through the usage of cables. The configuration can be tweaked with time to accommodate for the future growth of the tree. The fastenings are tightened or loosened as the tree grows so that the weight is always distributed equally in all directions. This method is especially recommended for stabilizing trees after a storm.

Emondage Levis also provides stump grinding services. Tree stumps leftover from a tree felling or pruning job can become a haven for carpenter ants. If the tree stump is near the property it can lead to the carpenter ants making their way to the main structure and eroding it. A tree stump can also be a hassle if the area is meant to be cleared for construction of an extension to the house, a shed, a swimming pool, or any other structure that requires a flat and level area. Stump grinding takes care of this problem by removing the stump completely so that the property owner is free to make use of the cleared area.

It can be contacted at the phone number 581-702-6282 .The offices are open from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 7 PM and from Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM.


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