Emondage L'Assomption Is Offering Tree Pruning And Tree Topping Services In L'Assomption, Quebec

Emondage is offering high-quality professional tree pruning and tree topping services in L’Assomption, Quebec. The company has published a blog post on the differences between tree pruning and tree topping which can be read on its website at the link: www.emondagelassomption.com/emondage-et-elagage.html.

Tree pruning and tree topping serve to help homeowners who are dealing with the prospect of overgrown trees that are either too dangerous for the property’s residents and visitors or are ruining its aesthetic look. They are two very similar-sounding services that have some distinct differences between them.

Tree topping, also known by other names such as heading, tipping, stubbing, dehorning, hat-racking, and rounding-over, involves cutting the tops of mature trees. Tree topping removes the top branches, balancing the weight of the tree and preventing it from tipping over. However, in this process the leafy crowns of the tree are removed, affecting its ability to take nutrition from sunlight. The process of tree topping also shocks the tree significantly, making it stressed and susceptible to insects and rot.

Tree topping is attempted by homeowners or contractors who are not certified arborists and are just interested in reducing the tree’s foliage so that it doesn’t tangle up with power lines or are just trying to make the tree look a certain way. It is not a recommended solution since it affects the tree’s longevity and well-being, reducing its lifespan. Professional arborists, such as those at Emondage L'Assomption, instead recommend tree pruning.

Contrary to tree topping, tree pruning is a methodical trimming of the tree’s branches and limbs in an effort to protect the health of a tree while solving the problems that the property owners might have. It is performed by a certified arborist who knows what signs to look for in order to spot and prioritize the branches and limbs that are most likely to become hazards due to their poor health.

An experienced pruner will consider all the adjustments to the angle of their push in their pruning technique. They will improve the curves of the limbs to make sure that the tree looks more symmetrical, with equal weight distribution on all sides. Tree pruning can make the tree look neat and proper without the need for needlessly chopping off the parts of the tree that are not diseased and are instead responsible for its growth.

Tree pruning can also help those who are working on landscaping projects achieve the perfect balance of shade and lighting on their property. An experienced pruner will shear off branches in such a way that the shadow of the tree falls exactly where one wants it to, making sure there is plenty of light and aeration on the homeowner’s property. Proper tree pruning can also help free up some of the tangled mass of branches so that the tree doesn’t resist the wind, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the local weather.

A spokesperson for Emondage L'Assomption talks about its tree pruning services by saying, “You will find many contractors out there who are willing to shear the tops of trees indiscriminately with wanton disregard for the tree’s health. Though their low prices and quick turnaround times might seem tempting, you are only setting yourself up for pain further down the road because the shock that a tree suffers from an unprofessional tree topping is likely to weaken it to an extent that it will start to disintegrate. Your tree will likely never recover from the butchering, hastening its demise, leading you to eventually bear the financial burden of having it fell. Even if the tree survives, its limbs are likely to loosen and fly off during harsh weather such as strong winds. So, if you are worried about the lifespan of your tree and want to see it thrive to its full potential, give Emondage L’Assomption a call. We will solve all of your tree-related problems while making sure that they are not harmed.”

Readers can contact Emondage L'Assomption at the phone number 579-795-2005 for business inquiries.


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