Emondage Kirkland Warns Against DIY Tree Trimming

Kirkland, Montreal-based Emondage Kirkland is now providing tree trimming and pruning to customers in the surroundings. The company is doing this for a good reason to give the residents a service best left to professionals to take care of. Mr. Pelletier said, "In an attempt to save money, property owners are turning to DIY tree trimming and pruning. Unfortunately, doing this leaves homeowners with a lot of drawbacks than advantages. In reality, tree trimming is hazardous when attempted by landowners who do not know what they are doing. We at Emondage Kirkland recommend residents and business owners to contact a tree trimming service to perform these tasks for many reasons."

Pelletier went on to say that homeowners are not trained in tree trimming and pruning and should not climb in a tree using a chainsaw. Even as trained arborists in tree trimming, it remains one of the country's leading causes of on-the-job injuries. The business owner mentioned the injury rate in tree pruning is even higher with homeowners, where a large percentage leads to fatalities. He said in their line of work, they found many residents taking on tree trimming tasks getting injured. The reason for the accidents to happen is because they do not have the education to differentiate between a healthy or rotten branch.

The owner said, "The main problem with untrained residents is they risk stepping on the unhealthy branches. Doing this causes them to fall and get injured or even damage the tree and their homes. Still, many homeowners know a tree needs pruning at the first sign of an unhealthy or diseased tree. However, they are not aware they need to have the service performed regularly." Emondage Kirkland mentioned property owners trim mostly the unhealthy branches. Still, when a strong breeze or snowy day arrives, those branches are taken out damaging property. Unfortunately, the homeowners do not see that coming. The same happens with tree limbs pruned incorrectly as too much is taken off in the wrong places.

The certified arborist went on to say that a tree needs trimming and pruning in specific ways to preserve the health of the tree. When cutting wrong, it leads to disease and tree rot. As trained arborists, we go through training for a reason, as tree trimming is not an easy job. Often homeowners make mistakes that they could have avoided by making a phone call to a tree trimming and pruning service. Instead, landowners try to go the DIY route. They only trim the lower branches creating a top-heavy tree causing a risk of falling when it becomes diseased and break.

Yet, this is not all residents use unsterilized tools to transfer diseases from one tree to another. Sometimes the tools they use are not sharp, leading to jagged cuts inviting diseases to bread. Emondage Kirkland said that these are only a few reasons why property owners need to use a tree trimming service. Their professional service is all about cutting the unhealthy branches while still keeping aesthetics in mind. Further, the trained tree trimming crew considers the safety of the property and the clients living there. They identify potential issues to safely prune or cut the trees to avoid problems.

Pelletier went on to say that his team is certified arborists qualified to do a tree risk assessment and performs different tree services and inspections. These include stump grinding, tree risk assessments, tree trimming and pruning. Readers that want to learn more about the service offered can visit the official website here: www.treeservicekirkland.com/tree-trimming-tree-pruning.html


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