Emondage Charlesbourg Prompts Why Tree Trimming is Best Left to the Pros

Emondage Charlesbourg presents all with a vast selection of specialized tree services. Among the general service are tree trimming and tree pruning. While it is not as dangerous as tree removal, it does come with some risks. As a result, there are many reasons why they encourage Charlesbourg property owners in Canada to leave tree trimming and pruning to the pros like them. 

The owner, Mr. Girouard, says, "The risks of DIY tree pruning have many drawbacks than advantages as homeowners turn to try to save money." In addition, he says, "tree pruning is extremely dangerous when undertaken by a person who doesn't know what they're doing." That is why it is crucial to contact a tree trimming and pruning service to prevent the possibility of injury.

The owner also advised Emondage Charlesbourg is your proficient experts. Not only can they help you with your tree pruning and trimming needs. They also take time to educate the patrons to make the best choices for their properties. He also mentioned that attempting without preparation for tree pruning and trimming is a risky business.

When you look at the statistics, he added that injuries occur from landowners with a chainsaw climbing tree, as they do not have the proper training. Even for trained people, tree pruning and tree trimming are the primary concern leading to job injuries. The fact is that property owner trying to prune their trees lead to higher injury rates. Unfortunately, many of those injuries lead to fatalities.

He also mentioned that many of these fatalities occur because homeowners do not have the proper education to trim and prune trees. The reason as they do not know the difference between healthy and rotten tree branches. Untrained homeowners risk stepping on unhealthy branches, causing them to fall, leading to severe injuries or damaging the tree or their home.

As a concerned business owner, he mentioned that poorly trimming branches lead to property damage. Homeowners know that pruning needs to be done when noticing unhealthy branches. But they are not aware of how they should perform it regularly. When trimming unhealthy branches incorrectly, a strong breeze can blow those branches off. The same applies to tree limbs poorly pruned falling over with a strong wind causing significant damage.

He advised that Emondage Charlesbourg could deliver the correct services to property owners. With their help, homeowners can feel assured their property is safe. In turn, this helps preserve the tree’s health as incorrect trimming leads to tree rot and disease.

Further, he also mentioned that many homeowners make mistakes from over-lifting by only trimming the lower branches creating top-heavy trees at risk of falling over. In addition, property owners do not use clean tools, transferring diseases from one tree to another. At times, non-sharpened equipment causes serrated cuts, a significant host for diseases, and taking longer for the tree to heal.

The business owner mentioned all his arborists are skilled with the proper training to take on the difficult task to prune trees with the right equipment and skills. All it takes is one call to a specialized tree trimming and pruning service to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. With their help, they will trim the branches and consider the aesthetics at the same time. They know what to look for to keep your home as safe as possible by identifying potential risks before it happens.

Lastly, he says that all Emondage Charlesbourg arborists have certification in tree risk assessment. They provide tree service inspections, stump grinding, and tree risk assessments, including trimming and pruning. Therefore, property owners with tree concerns in the Charlesbourg area can give Emondage Charlesbourg a call.

For those who need more information on other services offered, visit them here https://www.emondagecharlesbourg.com/emondage-et-elagage.html


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