Emondage Boucherville Pro Announces a New Tree Trimming and Pruning Service to Residents in Boucherville, Quebec

Emondage Boucherville Pro announced a wide range of tree services for residents of Boucherville, Quebec. The company's tree trimming and pruning services are ideal for property owners in the area dealing with overgrown shrubs and trees posing a threat to the safety of the landscaping. Mr. Lacroix said, "Homeowners may come across different terms in the industry such as tree pruning, tree topping, and tree pruning when looking at the service provided. It is understandable that property owners who do not have the experience in dealing with these services might not be able to distinguish them apart assuming it means the same thing."

However, he went on to say that there are critical differences between these services that clients need to understand to make the right decision when choosing one. For example, Emondage Boucherville Pro mentioned that tree topping is cutting off the tops of a mature tree to reduce the branches and stubs while removing the leafy crowns. The owner said that sometimes it is referred to as heading, dehorning, tipping, stubbing, and rounding.

Yet, topping is only a short-term solution leaving the tree weakened and unhealthy in the end. In addition, doing tree topping can leave the tree starving. The leaves at the top are responsible for providing the foliage with nutrients. Further, it causes stress in the tree, making it vulnerable to insects and rot. Lacroix said, "In the tree business, they have seen tree topping done mostly by untrained people without removing the hazardous part without care or regard to the health of the tree."

He mentioned that it is done to prevent the branches from touching power lines or becoming hazardous in a storm. Emondage Boucherville Pro appeals to residential and commercial owners to rely on professionals tree services that know how to solve a problem without causing damage to the longevity and health of the tree. A responsible professional tree company will recommend tree trimming and pruning instead.

The owner went on to say that tree trimming is a process of removing certain branches to make them visually appealing. Removing the overgrown branches helps balance the tree making it look well-shaped. Further, the tree becomes healthier as more air and light circulation makes it more beneficial to survive. Similar to tree trimming, pruning helps protect the foliage against diseases and pests. Finally, the decaying and crisscrossing branches are removed for the tree to flourish. When performed under a watchful eye of an expert, tree pruning can improve its natural growth to bloom into flowers and fruit.

The tree care provider mentioned that tree trimming is done annually to prepare for the winter season to prevent dangers for the tree, property, and people. In addition, tree pruning is carried out at certain times of the year, depending on the tree species growing in the yard. These depend on spring and summer flowering trees. The owner said that an expert tree pruning service such as Emondage Boucherville Pro is a property owner's best bet to get the correct information about the vegetation on the property.

Readers that want to find out more about Emondage Boucherville Pro services related to tree trimming and pruning can head over here: www.emondageboucherville.com/emondage-et-elagage.html


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