Emondage Blainville Offers Professional Arborist Services To Local Community

Blainville, Quebec based Emondage Blainville is pleased to announce that they provide tree trimming and tree pruning services as well as a number of other essential arborist services. Emondage Blainville has been working hard to provide high quality, reliable tree care services to the residents of Blainville and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Simoneau of Emondage Blainville says, “If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, you should know that you need to take care of them, both for their health and your safety. Of course, proper maintenance of your trees will also ensure that you have something pretty to look at when you are outside your home. While there are a lot of different things you can do to ensure your trees’ health is maintained, tree pruning is easily at the top of that list.”

According to Emondage Blainville, tree pruning refers to the careful removal of a tree’s branches (sometimes even roots) that is done for the well-being of a tree. By trimming parts that are diseased, dead, dying or decaying, arborists can ensure the long term health of the tree in question. Emondage Blainville’s experienced tree service specialists are able to gently bifurcate any incorrect trajectories while pruning, thereby ensuring that the tree's appearance is not altered.

The company explains that another advantage of tree pruning is the fact that it can also be employed to strengthen and repurpose many different species of trees. In fact, in fruit bearing trees, careful pruning and maintenance can ensure a greater yield. Further, pruning can also give some life back to the trees, making them brighter and improving their appearance.

A practice that is similar to tree pruning, but wildly different in its applications, is the process of tree topping. Where tree pruning is done to ensure the health of a tree, topping is often done to reduce the size of a tree. Arborists utilizing this method are much less selective about which branches are cut, and can in fact cut main branches of a tree, so they must proceed carefully. Tree topping that is done haphazardly will only damage a tree further and cause disease and decay.

Mr. Simoneau says, “While tree pruning is done for mostly health related reasons, the process of tree trimming has a much more aesthetic purpose. While a lot of people are of the belief that trimming is mostly reserved for hedges or shrubs, trimming can in fact be applied to trees — and to great effect, too.”

According to the company, tree trimming is viable for many different types of trees, but they are especially effective for trees that can be arranged in hedges. The advantages of trimming trees are numerous. For one, it improves the appearance of the tree by getting rid of any wayward branches or leaves. It can also ensure safety by cutting off any branches that are in risk of getting tangled up with power lines or other utilities. Good arborists will also be able to identify and get rid of any diseased or decaying parts of the tree, so trimming also helps with the tree’s overall health.”

Mr. Simoneau says, “No matter what type of tree service you want to do, you need to make sure that you hire a reputable tree service company to undertake the job for you. While the field may seem relatively easy, tree servicing is a complicated process, and even small mistakes can severely damage your trees in the long run. That is on top of the fact that these processes can be dangerous to perform if you don’t have any prior experience. Emondage Blainville’s team of arborists are highly trained and have years of experience, and we are glad to help you out with all of your tree servicing needs.”

Those who want arborist services in the Blainville area or simply want to learn more about Emondage Blainville and their wide range of services may visit the company’s official website to get started. Interested parties can get in touch with Mr. Simoneau directly via phone or email as well. More information about Emondage Blainville and their range of services can be found here: www.emondageblainville.com/emondage-et-elagage.html.


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