Emondage Beaconsfield Keeps Local Trees In Order

Quebec, Canada based Emondage Beaconsfield is pleased to place their tree trimming and pruning expertise at the disposal of all local residents. Given how highly homeowners in the area are known to value their trees, the company looks forward to ensuring that their customers receive the best tree service possible.

With the exception of tree removal (where the only option is to cut down the tree entirely), the arborists at Emondage Beaconsfield understand that every stage of tree care has to be undertaken with the utmost respect for the tree’s health. This is also true for tree trimming and pruning, which may appear to be fairly harmless procedures to most people, yet always require careful consideration in order to ensure the tree in question remains in good health.

The company explains that they approach each tree in multiple stages for this task, and cuts are planned in advance to minimize waste. However, their team does take the property owner’s considerations into account when pruning or trimming a tree, so a reasonable compromise is always possible when multiple goals seem to come into conflict.

Homeowners who are concerned that their trees may be in need of either of these services are encouraged to contact Emondage Beaconsfield today. They are always happy to visit a property in order to inspect its trees and determine whether any further action needs to be taken. In fact, the company states that many of their customers request their services at least a few times each year in order to perform checkups, and this is more likely if the property contains multiple species of trees (given that every species requires a unique brand of care).

Emondage Beaconsfield is able to work around their customers’ schedules as well, reducing any inconvenience or disturbances that may be caused by their team’s use of chainsaws and other tools. The company reassures their community that they consider customer service to be a vital aspect of their work, and every job they take on reflects their commitment to pursuing a customer’s goals and preferences while taking care of any tree’s needs.

Notably, the company advises their community that tree pruning should not be confused with tree topping, which aims to fulfil a completely different goal. While tree topping is also sometimes referred to as ‘heavy pruning,’ arborists employ more extensive techniques to achieve the desired outcome for this particular service. Another way of looking at it, the company explains, is that the health of the tree is considered less of a priority in tree topping. Instead, the owners’ preferences will be more likely to determine what happens to the tree.

Emondage Beaconsfield clarifies that tree topping is sometimes necessary, such as in situations where tree pruning is not sufficient. However, it must be understood that this service is far more likely to harm the tree even when implemented correctly and responsibly. As such, the company recommends that tree topping only be performed when the tree poses a distinct risk to nearby properties, such as when the branches begin interfering with buildings in the tree’s immediate vicinity. As the name suggests, the head of a tree may be cut off in its entirety for these reasons as well.

One of the major reasons the company prefers to avoid tree topping altogether is the fact that the tree may perish as a result of the shock. Fortunately, the company reassures their community that tree topping is not practiced too often in the area. Furthermore, even when their team has no other choice, they take care to minimize damage to the tree wherever possible. Should a tree topping have to take place, they will do it the right way.

Those looking for a reliable tree trimming and pruning service in Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas are welcome to contact Mr. Leroux of Emondage Beaconsfield to request an estimate for their services. The team is available throughout the year for all their community’s tree service needs. The company can also be reached through their website and social media platforms. Learn more here: www.treeservicebeaconsfield.com/tree-trimming-tree-pruning.html.


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