Emergency Dentistry Available In Woden & Canberra

Phillip, ACT based Acacia Dental Group is pleased to reassure their community that world-class emergency dental care is always available at their clinic. They also wish to discuss the different types of dental emergencies and the importance of setting an emergency dental appointment as soon as a problem presents itself.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time due to trauma or injury. Teeth may be cracked, broken and in some cases knocked out due to an accident or other event. In addition to tooth damage, dental emergencies also happen when there is too much bleeding in the mouth; swelling of the face; severe pain in the mouth, teeth, jaw or gums; and when dental fillings or dental implants are lost. Dental emergencies are often non-life threatening in nature, but if the patient cannot breathe, passes out or bleeds uncontrollably, going straight to the A&E is the best course of action instead of calling a dental practice.

One of the most common reasons for an emergency visit to the dentist is toothache. A toothache is usually an indication that the patient has tooth decay, tooth abscess, an exposed nerve or gum disease. Emergency dental care is necessary to identify the root cause of the pain and prevent any secondary infection from occurring.

Another common reason for an emergency visit to the dentist is losing a filling or crown. Such losses are actually common due to normal wear and tear. However, losing them should not be taken lightly, as this could be a sign that another cavity has formed inside of the affected tooth. When the uncapped tooth is also left exposed, the patient may experience tooth and gum sensitivity — and worse, may result in the swelling of the face.

Chipping, breaking or losing a tooth due to trauma or injury is also one of the dental emergencies that one should not ignore. Patients in this condition are advised to visit the dentist immediately to check if the tooth can still be repaired or salvaged. If not, the dentist will explore other options (such as dental bridges and implants) to restore the broken tooth.

Those who find themselves in a dental emergency and looking for a top-rated Woden dentist may contact Acacia Dental Group. Acacia Dental Group is a privately-owned family practice that has been around since the 1970s, and their team specializes in both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. They are also one of the few dental clinics in the area that provide emergency dental services to help patients who need immediate pain relief and dental treatment. Patients simply need to make an online appointment or pick up the phone to speak to one of the dental experts at Acacia Dental Group.

Acacia Dental Group is also pleased to inform their community that they offer free initial consultations, and their first-time emergency patients only need to pay for the treatment itself. Acacia Dental Group will fully explain the cost for each treatment before committing to any dental procedure. When applicable, they will also present a number of treatment options for the patient to choose from.

Furthermore, to help patients pay for their emergency dental treatment, Acacia Dental Group offers flexible payment plans, such as weekly or fortnightly payment through HUMM, GEM, Visa and MacCredit. They also offer up to 15% discounts on a variety of treatments for both pensioners and students. In addition, they offer child dental benefits for children between 2-17 years. Acacia Dental Group also accepts health funds and is a preferred provider for Medibank Private, HCF and CBHS. They also have a HICAPS terminal to help patients make on-the-spot claims.

The high quality of their patient care has led to the clinic receiving excellent feedback from their community. In a 5-Star Google review, Bev Wood says, “I find Acacia first class — professional, caring and attentive. My recent emergency was assessed, and major work completed, in less time than I expected. They not only fitted me in, but follow up calls about my well being were appreciated. All well done, with the aid of marvellous technology. Highly recommended.”

Those looking for emergency dentistry in Woden may check out Acacia Dental Group. In addition to providing quality dental care at affordable costs, they also treat patients with utmost care and use state-of-the-art tools and equipment wherever possible. Patients may visit Acacia Dental Group’s website for more details or connect with them on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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