Emergency Dentist In Walton On Thames Delivers Fast Private Dental Treatments

UK-based Walton Dental Surgery is proud to announce that they are delivering fast, private dental treatment to the local community in Walton-On-Thames. The clinic focuses on addressing the needs of the community through expert and conscientious care. Learn more here: https://waltondental.co.uk/emergency-dentist/.

The clinic takes on many patients on an emergency basis and is proud of the care they provide in such cases. On their website, the team urges patients to, “Call us if you are in need of an immediate appointment. We will do our utmost to accommodate you and help you relieve pain.” They acknowledge that toothaches are both common and painful, and the most common cause of toothache or pain in the region of the jaws and face is mostly dental decay. Gum disease, ulcers, inflammation around erupting wisdom teeth and even cracked fillings can also cause toothache. If an individual is experiencing pain, the clinic urges them to call and set an appointment as soon as possible.

Walton Dental Surgery is confident when they say they have solutions and are willing to get to the heart of the matter causing a patient’s toothache. After diagnostic tests like X-rays, the team will determine what is causing the pain. In severe cases, a possible recommendation might be the complete extraction of the problematic tooth.

However, Walton Dental Surgery makes the protection of a patient’s natural teeth their first priority, and they will only recommend a tooth extraction when there is no other option or if it is the best course of action for a patient’s individual situation. The team always prefers to give every patient a full picture of their dental issue and to also give them the different treatment options available for their individual situation. If a patient then agrees — that the choice of tooth extraction is the best way forward, for instance — the team will initiate the procedure with the aim that it is as painless as possible for the patient. Learn more here: https://waltondental.co.uk/tooth-extraction/.

Several reasons can make a tooth extraction the best viable option. These include extreme tooth decay, a split tooth all the way down into the root or a problematic wisdom tooth. In some cases of orthodontic treatment, a tooth may need to be removed in order to create more space for other teeth to move into their correct alignment. The team will ensure that a patient is fully informed so that they are able to make the right decision at all times. Regarding problematic wisdom teeth, in some instances, a lack of space may cause the tooth to grow at a wrong angle and cause a tooth impaction, which is usually the cause of discomfort. The dental clinic advises the community to get their teeth checked immediately if they experience discomfort due to wisdom teeth before the situation is worsened.

The standard of the dental surgery can be seen in their many positive reviews. In a top-rated Google review, Liliana R. states, “Thank you, Dr. Gary, for your professionalism, patience and wonderful restorative work with two implants! The end result looks beautiful, and I’m very grateful for all your hard work during such difficult times as well. I highly recommend Dr. Gary and his team at Walton Dental Surgery.”

The team usually conducts a tooth removal procedure under local anesthesia so that a patient does not experience pain. However, if the thought of tooth extraction surgery causes a patient high levels of anxiety, the team will offer the option of sedation. They aim to provide as much comfort as necessary and will accommodate nervous patients in any way they can. The patient will also receive ample advice on how to take care of their mouth and gums after such a procedure in order to ensure a pain free recovery. Learn more here: https://goo.gl/maps/22bc5XgNEF7Ngqtz5.

Ediane M. recommends the dental surgery in a testimonial on the official website, stating that, “I went to Walton Dental without a recommendation, as an emergency, and I was very lucky to be treated by Dr. KP, who is a fantastic dentist — efficient and kind, with great patience to explain the treatments needed and even to give me mini breaks to check on my newborn baby, who needed a quick feed. Laura, his assistant, is also brilliant. Both have light and swift hands, and I was very happy with all the treatments I had with them. I shall be continuing my dental care with them in the future.”

Those interested in the services offered by Walton Dental Surgery may visit their official website to learn more about specific procedures or schedule an appointment. One may also call the dental clinic directly for emergency appointments.


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