Emerald Isle Takes Holistic Approach To Cocaine And Depression Treatment

Sun City, Arizona based Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is pleased to provide enhanced offerings for mental health and mental illness associated with cocaine use. The clinic focuses on the link between cocaine and depression as well as other types of mental illness.

Emerald Isle makes a point to raise awareness and dispel myths wherever possible. As with any medical condition, an incorrect, inaccurate or outdated perspective of a topic can lead to a less positive outcome, and this is especially concerning when the patient in question is suffering from an addiction.

One such myth that the clinic constantly sees among their patients and the community at large is that people who use cocaine and similar stimulants do not need to detox. This is not true, and the clinic has worked with many patients who have personally benefited greatly from the ability and effectiveness of medically supervised detox — particularly due to the fact that it reduces risks and helps set the foundation for lasting recovery.

Detox does have a reputation for being the most challenging stage to get through, however, and this is not different with cocaine use. The symptoms may include depression, nausea, cravings, vomiting, shaking, tiredness, insomnia, body aches and so on. Fortunately, the team at Emerald Isle is fully capable of utilizing medical detox techniques to minimize such withdrawal symptoms and help the patient progress through their detox in as comfortable a manner as possible.

Following detox, a range of therapies may be utilized to help a patient take the next step towards enduring sobriety. This may include individual therapy sessions as well as family therapy, 12 step meetings, Yoga and meditation, medication monitoring, and more. However, the clinic also approaches every case on the basis that addiction cannot be treated in a vacuum. An individual dealing with an addiction may, for instance, have other conditions that exacerbate their difficulties. Emerald Isle explains that the use of cocaine and bipolar disorder can sometimes coincide, so the patient’s treatment needs to be approached differently. While the specific treatments may vary, this is true when cocaine addiction and depression coincide as well.

People with bipolar disorder may turn to cocaine use in an attempt to improve their mood and energy levels. Unfortunately, the opposite effect is ultimately more likely to be the outcome. This is due to the fact that they can become addicted to cocaine since they rapidly become dependent on the drug to feel happy. Once they attempt to stop using cocaine, a depressed mood can feel much worse. The clinic adds that cocaine abuse eventually reduces how effective it is at boosting an individual’s mood, which then leads to feelings of paranoia, irritation and even thoughts of suicide after abusing cocaine for an extended period of time.

To be effective, treatment has to be simultaneously administered for both conditions. Following their detox, it is recommended that the patient undergo inpatient rehab, especially if they have a dual diagnosis (such as bipolar disorder / depression and cocaine addiction). At Emerald Isle, the inpatient addiction program enables the patient to stay at the rehab center’s dedicated facilities around the clock where they always have access to professional care and support.

The patients at Emerald Isle have also experienced highly positive results after undergoing therapy, and one of the most effective forms of treatment here is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As the name suggests, this treatment helps the patient examine the effect their issues have on the way they think and respond to certain situations, especially those that make them feel compelled to turn to drug use.

Therapy is an integral aspect of treatment, but it can also be bolstered with the use of prescription medications. Bipolar disorder, for instance, can be mitigated by mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and antidepressants — and they are more likely to support a framework of sustainable sobriety. Emerald Isle has helped many patients find the right medications for their physical and mental needs.

Those looking for depression, mental health, and/or cocaine addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one are welcome to contact the Admissions team at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery for further details on availability and more. The clinic will also be pleased to verify their insurance information (for free) to ensure that treatment is covered as well as develop a strategy for moving forward based on the patient’s financial situation. More information can be found on the clinic’s official website.


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