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Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, a behavioral health care provider based in Sun City, AZ, wants to highlight their extensive knowledge and resources regarding cocaine abuse and addiction treatment. For instance, they discuss the basics of freebasing in an article to warn people about its dangers. Freebasing is the process of boosting the potency of a particular drug. While there may be a number of drugs that people freebase, it is often used with cocaine. Freebasing means the removal of any additives and breaking down the cocaine to its most natural state.

A spokesperson for Emerald Isle Health & Recovery explains, “Freebasing converts cocaine from its powder form into cocaine sulfate. In its powder form, cocaine cannot be heated or smoked. When you freebase, you end up with a form of cocaine that is much purer and more potent. When we talk about freebase, we aren’t necessarily talking about crack cocaine, although the process is more or less the same. Crack cocaine is produced with a mixture of baking soda and water that is heated up to form a crystallized version of the drug that can be smoked. Traditional freebasing requires the drug to be heated in a glass pipe so that the cocaine can be broken down to its purest form and the vapors can be inhaled.”

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Freebasing has intensive and very quick effects although they are short-lived. The intense euphoric effects from freebasing cocaine will typically last for about 30 minutes and afterwards, it is followed by an equally intense depressed feeling. This is what leads to addiction because cocaine abusers are always trying to achieve the first high that they were able to get from it. Unfortunately, they will rarely experience that intensive high again.

For cocaine treatment Surprise Arizona residents can rely on Emerald Isle Health & Recovery. There are a number of symptoms of cocaine or crack addiction. These include: loss of control over how often powdered cocaine or crack is used; inability to control how much crack or powdered cocaine is used; increasing tolerance to the effects of cocaine/crack; continuing to use the drug despite know how it has damaged the mind and body; having a lifestyle that is centered on cocaine/crack use; experiencing strong urges to consume more cocaine or crack; and developing signs of withdrawal if the drug is not used.

There are a number of withdrawal symptoms for cocaine and other stimulants. These include a depressed state of mind; feelings of paranoia; lack of physical energy; unusual sleepiness or sleeplessness; feelings of irritation or anxiousness; slowed mental and physical reaction times; and a powerful desire to start substance use again.

There is also a connection between mental illness and cocaine addiction. These particular individuals may have what is known as a dual diagnosis, which makes it more difficult to return to sobriety. There are various kinds of addiction treatment, such as drug detox; active treatment; treatment for dual diagnosis; intensive outpatient care; partial hospitalization; and standard outpatient care. Treatment in Surprise Arizona will include behavioral therapy, where the patient develops behaviors and thoughts that support sobriety.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was founded with the mission of improving access to addiction treatment and recovery for everyone. They are always developing innovating new treatment approaches while integrating services for both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Their creative strategy involves individualized evidence-based treatment that is focused on the whole person aspects of care by ensuring the provision of complete medical and clinical care to patients to help them achieve long-term sustainable recovery. They have carefully selected the location of their facilities to ensure that patients have a high level of privacy and that they can stay away from those places, people, and things that may trigger their condition.

People who would like to know more about cocaine addiction treatment in Surprise Arizona can visit the Emerald Isle Health & Recovery website, or contact them on the telephone.


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