Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Blog Discusses How to Get Help for Someone with Mental Illness

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Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is a Sun City, Arizona treatment facility (with locations in Surprise, Arizona as well) that is dedicated to helping people recover from mental illness and substance abuse. They do this through streamlined access to care that is individually designed to help each patient achieve their maximum well-being.

This acclaimed treatment center is also well-known for bringing attention to various aspects of substance abuse and mental illness help. A good example of this is a recent blog article that discusses how someone can get help for mental illness. In this latest release, the staff at Emerald Isle makes known the best ways of helping someone with mental illness concerns, as well as providing sound clinical information for those with dual diagnoses (sometimes referred to as co-occurring) disorders that involve a component of mental illness with a substance use disorder.

A happy group therapy session, where clients get relief from mental illness concerns with the help of Emerald Isle Health & Recovery

This new Emerald Isle blog starts by mentioning that learning how to get help for a family member with mental illness is a common but sometimes complex task. That’s because mental illness is a difficult topic to discuss with others or those who are suffering from it, let alone getting those that are impacted by it to seek treatment to deal with it. This is a concern because millions of Americans deal with mental health issues each year and it also plays a major role in thousands of lives that are taken each year. The article states that there are several signs a person may show that indicate they need help with a mental health condition. Examples of this include a person feeling sad or withdrawing from life for more than two weeks, exhibiting severe and risky behavior that causes the risk to the mental illness sufferer or others, excessive use of drugs or alcohol, and drastic changes in personality, shifts in mood, or changes in sleeping patterns.

Co occurring disorders tend to make this matter even worse. That’s because people often turn to substance abuse as a way of coping with a mental health issue in the absence of professional care. The blog mentions that when someone witnesses a loved one exhibiting any of the above-mentioned signs combined with such traits as feelings of anger when confronted about drug use, episodes of violent behavior, making excuses to do drugs or drink alcohol in excess, and/or missing work, school, or significant events, it’s a clear indication that a dual diagnoses disorder exists. At this point, the article ends by mentioning that the best course of action is to contact a treatment facility such as theirs that specializes in helping people overcome co-occurring disorders.

Those that have been treated for any type of mental illness by EIH and their loved ones speak very highly in reviews of the help that this popular health and recovery center provided for them. A recent client stated, “Emerald Isle saved my family member's life. I found out about Emerald Isle through another mental health care provider. This was the only AZ facility on their recommended list of top 5 residential treatment facilities for treating mental illness that was covered by my insurance and in-network. The others were out of state. After 30 days of treatment, my family member left the residential treatment facility a completely different person. The staff is excellent, hands-on, communicative, and very caring. I highly recommend Emerald Isle if you or your loved one needs a residential setting for healing and recovery.” Isaac F, another recent client, proclaimed, “I would highly recommend this place to anyone suffering from addiction or mental illness. The staff cares so much and exhibits that trait every day. I want to thank Ryder who has helped me more than he will ever know. I’ve learned so much from this place and I’m grateful for the time I spent here as it has changed my life. Thank you to everyone at Emerald Isle.”

The entire team at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery realizes that mental illness is one of the least understood health disorders. That’s why they have put in place the necessary resources and expertise to help those suffering from all forms of mental illness including those with Borderline Personality Disorder. The facility pledges to continue providing the best community resources and a safe, comfortable environment for recovery for those in Arizona and those who come to them from elsewhere in the United States.

Those seeking more information on EIHR’s mental illness and substance abuse treatments can contact this esteemed treatment center by phone, email, or by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on its website.


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