Emerald Isle Health and Recovery Offers Top Trauma Treatment

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery, an Arizona based behavioral health provider with locations in Sun City and Surprise, is announcing their programs for treating or assisting with trauma. The acclaimed program helps trauma sufferers by focusing on the underlying causes of trauma, and the trauma triggers that can cause unpleasant symptoms in people who have experienced excessive trauma. According to the Emerald Isle Health and Recovery website, most people go through a traumatic experience at some point in their lives. While many of those people are able to recover their sense of emotional balance and go on to live normal, healthy lives, a number of people who experience trauma develop lasting patterns of behavior that make it difficult for them to function and go about their business.

Trauma is the human reaction to any major, distressing event, often acts of violence or serious natural disasters. Regardless of the source of the trauma, the human reaction is relatively predictable, following something like the stages of grief. There is usually shock about the severity of the experience, and denial that the experience ever happened. Most of the time, people are able to move through these feelings and, with time, recover their internal sense of well-being. While their lives may never be the same as they were before the incident occurred, they’ll eventually be able to continue living without the emotional pain that comes from being in the middle of an experience.

A young woman breaks through her trauma triggers with the help of Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

That said, not everyone is able to recover from traumatic experiences on their own. Some people continue to react to traumatic events long after they occur, causing interruptions in their day-to-day lives and disrupting their work, families, and social lives. Some people who react this way can experience trauma reenactment, where they recreate and relive their traumatic experiences, which may happen only once or repeatedly over time. People who have been in traumatic relationships, for example, sometimes take on roles in their other relationships that perpetuate the traumatic or abusive experiences. Without proper care, people who experience traumatic behaviors can wind up having many problems in their lives.

Emerald Isle Health and Recovery works with each client individually to address situations where traumatic events may be contributing to a person’s well-being or lack therein. Clients can work with therapists using comprehensive approaches to help people find their way on their own individual path to recovery. Practitioners at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery are constantly innovating and creating new approaches to helping clients who may struggle with substance abuse or mental health disorders. The primary interest of the staff at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery is improving the lives of the individuals, families, and communities they serve. Their unique approach, combining individualized, evidence-based treatments with a holistic approach, meeting every individual where they are at through a comprehensive program for long term mental health care.

The goal of long term mental health care is maximizing the chances that a client can return to a happy, healthy, and productive daily routine. The kind of program will of course depend on the person enrolling, and their specific reasons for wanting care. This means that the duration of long term care programs can range significantly, including anything longer than three or four months. While long term mental health care sometimes takes place at a residential facility, it can also come in the form of an outpatient program, allowing patients to continue living at home while receiving care. Long term care could be helpful in a number of circumstances, so these conversations are best had with the healthcare professionals at Emerald Isle to learn the best fit for one or one's loved one.

To avoid the kinds of difficult cycles that can occur when trauma is left untreated, professional help can help navigate the challenging process of changing behaviors that might be getting in the way of personal well-being, such as reenacting traumatic incidents. The specialists at Emerald Isle Health and Recovery have experience with many trauma recovery modalities. They can be contacted via their 24/7 Admissions line at 855-615-0644 for more information.


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