Emerald Isle Health And Recovery Is Offering Long Term Rehab Care In Arizona

Emerald Isle Health And Recovery, a behavioral healthcare provider in Arizona, is offering long-term drug and alcohol rehab care. Apart from addiction treatment, the center also offers inpatient mental health treatment for a wide range of issues.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a complex problem with a number of root causes and an even more complicated path to recovery. Moving on from the substances that wreak havoc on millions of lives around the world is more of a challenge than just abstaining from the substances for long enough. The reasons behind alcohol and drug addiction such as mental health disorders, stress, peer pressure, trauma, isolation, and a lack of familial support systems need to be addressed to ensure that the person suffering won’t just turn back to the substances once their time in rehab is up. Short-term rehab usually leads to a cycle of treatment, discharge, relapse, and readmission that is difficult to shake off and takes up precious years of an individual’s life. To really give the individual a fighting chance to give up their demons for good, medical professionals and mental health experts believe in the effectiveness of long term rehab.

The gorgeous exterior of Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, a premier Arizona long term rehab for addiction treatment and mental health residential care

Long-term recovery programs are a viable solution that can make a long-lasting change in an individual’s life. They have been shown to be more effective than any other type of treatment for addiction. They take place in a residential or inpatient setting over a time period of three to twelve months. The aim of the inpatient treatment is to cater to the needs of the patients round the clock and to be there for them to provide any medical or psychological support that they might need.

Long-term treatments are a combination of medical detoxification procedures along with behavioral therapy. Those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction exhibit both physical and mental withdrawals when they are brought into a supervised setting where they begin abstinence. A medical team is tasked with monitoring the psychological indicators of the patient’s health and giving them the correct dosage of medications to ease the effects of physiological withdrawal. They monitor for a litany of physical ailments including liver cirrhosis, dementia, abscesses, kidney failure, and many other conditions. This is especially important when the patient is suffering from addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids as the physiological withdrawals caused by them can be life-threatening.

Along with supervised medical care, rehab also includes counseling and therapy sessions in order to give the patient the means to resist the urge to go back to using the substances that wrecked their lives once the withdrawals have passed. The goal of the rehab program is to give the patient the means and the mental fortitude to change their lives once they go back into the real world and are reintroduced to the same environment that led them to pick up the addiction in the first place.

When asked about Emerald Isle Health and Recovery’s inpatient capabilities, a spokesperson says, “Whether, for alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, or mental health disorders without a substance abuse component, our facilities at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery offer the most comprehensive, evidence-based long term rehab program in the state of Arizona. For those with severe addiction issues, a history of relapse in other settings, profound mental health concerns, or a lack of structure to support recovery, the long-term rehab program at Emerald Isle offers hope. We base our long-term rehabilitation program on the evidence sanctioned by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). We use a model called the Therapeutic Community, a method similar to the way that chronic medical conditions use a “medical home” with health organizations. In the Therapeutic Community approach, addiction is viewed in the context of individual, social and psychological deficits, and treatment focuses on developing personal accountability and responsibility as well as socially productive lives. During rehab, our staff of specialists can even help you find stable housing, or temporary sober housing if it meets your needs.”

The center can be contacted at the phone number 855-605-0644 for admissions.


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