Emerald Fields Glendale Recreational Dispensary Wins ‘Best Of Weedmaps’ Award

Glendale, Colorado based Emerald Fields Glendale Recreational Dispensary won the coveted Best of Weedmaps Award recently. Winning the Best of Weedmaps Award is a very special achievement as only 84 dispensaries have won the award — out of more than a thousand Colorado marijuana dispensaries.

Emerald Fields is one of the most trusted and most engaged cannabis brands in the United States. They are not a head shop, considering themselves instead to be a ‘cannaboutique’ where customers can go through a free-flowing sales floor right out in the open and shop for the finest quality cannabis. They ensure that relaxed lifestyles meet exceptional service inside their cannaboutique.

Emerald Fields Glendale Recreational Dispensary won the coveted Best of Weedmaps Award for 2020

Retail cannabis may seem like a new world for people shopping for cannabis for the first time at Emerald Fields. However, Emerald Fields aims to provide their customers a mainstream retail experience that they are accustomed to. The company makes sure that customers are not intimidated but are comfortable and at ease while shopping by providing them a relaxed environment with excellent service.

To this end, they employ the most experienced and knowledgeable ambassadors to guide their customers through the store and offer aid in making informed decisions. At Emerald Fields, for instance, a wide variety of price points are available to suit many budget requirements. They also offer a free loyalty program that provides their customers with great discounts for each of their visits. Emerald Fields does not cater only to first time shoppers as they also offer everything that the more experienced aficionados could want and need.

Customers can choose to shop and order online through Emerald Fields’ website. The dispensary has also implemented several precautionary measures to keep their customers and team members safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their top priority is the health of their team members, customers and community. As a result, they have set additional policies and staff regulations in place to maintain social distancing within the store in order to keep the people who visit their store safe.

All of the people who visit their store are directed to keep a distance of at least six feet between each other at all times. Emerald Fields also do not allow more than ten people to shop at their dispensary at any given time. The queues outside of Emerald Fields are also monitored and managed to make sure that the queues are at an acceptable level and that social distancing is being maintained. Pre-ordering online through their website is also being strongly encouraged. Emerald Fields prioritizes online orders for quicker pickups. Customers are also encouraged to check Emerald Fields’ online menu to shorten waiting and transaction times.

Emerald Fields has received great reviews for their products and customer service. Morgen C. writes in their 5-Star Google review, “This is one of my favorite dispensaries I’ve ever been too! The staff was super helpful, and it was beautiful on the inside. Not to mention their logo is also a little green fairy, so you know this green fairy freaked out when she saw that. They have the greatest selection of concentrates that we have found around Cherry Creek. They have a free membership that gets you discounts right away, I mean, win! Our budtender was so helpful and I wish I caught her name, but she had purple hair! A great place for people new or visiting CO because the staff is so friendly!”

Blaire H. says in another 5-Star Google review, “See a tall dude in the front? Big Ben is my main man! I used to come to Emerald Field back before the renovations, and even then, this spot was amazing. Now that it’s been remodeled, I can’t preach this spot enough. If you know exactly what you want, go ahead and order at the window and walk to get an immediate in and out delivery, or hop on in and chat with their amazing staff. Even the security there is friendly!”

To these ends, it is clear why Weedmaps awarded the Best of Weedmaps Award to Emerald Fields in Glendale.

Interested parties can learn more about Emerald Fields and their products through their website. They may also pay a visit to Emerald Fields at 4182 E Virginia Ave, Glendale, Colorado.


For more information about Emerald Fields Glendale Recreational Dispensary, contact the company here:

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Emerald Fields Glendale Recreational Dispensary
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