Elite SR22 Insurance Offers SR22 Insurance Quotes in Virginia Beach VA

Elite SR22 Insurance, a new company based in Virginia Beach, VA, is pleased to announce that they are offering free and no-obligation SR22 insurance quotes in Virginia Beach VA. An SR22 is not exactly an insurance but a certificate of insurance that indicates that a particular person has car insurance that is in compliance with the requirements of the state for car insurance coverage for a certain period of time. An SR22 is usually required for people who have a driving violation, including a DUI or DWI or other major alcohol violation; reckless driving; multitude of traffic offenses in a short period of time; at-fault accident; driving without insurance coverage; and driving with a suspended license.

With an SR22, a driver will need to pay higher car insurance premiums. The good news is that this will not last forever. As long as the drivers keep their records clean and remain insured for the specified period of time, they could get back to paying the regular insurance rates after a few years. Depending on the state, the SR22 requirement usually lasts for three years although it could range from two to five years depending on the reason for the SR22 and the particular state.

Jim Fowler, a spokesperson for Elite SR22 Insurance, says, “We are happy to announce that we are offering a free and no-obligation SR22 insurance quotation so that you may be able to legally drive in the state of Virginia. And for those who want a Virginia Beach non owner SR-22 insurance to be fully covered when they have to drive another person’s vehicle, we can also help. You may want to go to our website to get more information about the SR22 insurance quotes that we can offer.”

For people who require an SR22 but don’t have vehicle insurance, they will need to get a car insurance first before filing for an SR22. This implies that their driver’s license might end, and they won’t be able to legally operate a vehicle until they have obtained a car or truck insurance and the SR22 has been filed.

The usual SR22 insurance filing cost will vary from $15 to $25, depending on the state. And even if the driver happens to have a good relationship with the insurance company, this will not help much in decreasing the cost once they have submitted an SR22 for the driver. Usually, people will be required to have constant insurance coverage with an SR22 for three years, but this can vary from two to five years, depending on the reason for the SR22 and the specific state. However, while the SR22 itself does not really cost much, its effect on the insurance premiums that need to be paid will be substantial. On the average, the insurance premiums may rise by 80 percent, although car and truck insurance policy premiums after a DUI conviction may increase by as much as 371 percent, depending on the state.

Drivers can also get an SR22 insurance to drive another person’s vehicle by filing for an SR22 Insurance Without Owning a Vehicle, or Non-Owner SR22 Insurance. They will then be able to drive a vehicle that is not their own upon getting the SR22 certificate. This will be reported to the DMV, which permits them to drive legally a vehicle they don’t own without having to complicate their driving record further.

The SR22 insurance is designed to cover any damages to residential or commercial property and any liability that may result from an accident in which the covered driver is involved. SR22 is considered as financial responsibility insurance because its purpose is to cover the driver’s liability to others who have been injured in the accident.

Those who are interested in getting an SR22 insurance quote in Virginia Beach, VA, can check out the Elite SR22 Insurance website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jim Fowler says, “If you want to check out our location and other important information, visit our Google Maps page.”


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