Elite Brands Publishes Blog Post Discussing Email Marketing For Beginners

Elite Brands, an eCommerce agency that offers services such as email marketing, mobile marketing, CRO analysis, media buying, and consulting, has published a blog post that educates beginners on the right way to approach email marketing.

The blog post begins by explaining that email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing available to businesses. Businesses that wield the power of effective email marketing will see their brand awareness skyrocket, see new ways to engage new and existing subscribers, and the marketing efforts will lead to a direct increase in leads and customers. The blog post also says that most email marketing discourse gets lost in the discussion of metrics such as open rates. However, though open rates are important, they are but a small part of an effective email marketing strategy that can open up a direct line of communication with the business’s most valued customers.

To give the reader an estimate of how powerful email marketing can be, the company gives an example of its own email marketing system Automated Email Profits, developed by email marketing expert Dan Nikas which consistently adds an average 30% sales increase when implemented. One of the biggest advantages of an email marketing system, according to Elite Brands, is that there are no extra expenditures to run a successful email campaign, unlike PPC advertising which can get very expensive very fast. Once a prospective email is acquired, the company controls that data and can use it as it chooses.

The blog post then says that email marketing is much more nuanced than shooting all prospects a generic email hoping to grab their attention. The company says in the blog post that the trick is to trigger an email based on a particular user’s behavior. This gives the business a chance to tailor a message based exactly on the kind of products and services the customer was looking for and the length to which they went to get that information from the business’s consumer-facing website or any other relevant marketing outreach. Laser focusing the email based on relevancy helps a business target customer segmentation and customize content based on the region of the world its customers are in, the time of day, how deep they are in the sales funnel, and a number of other highly relevant factors that can help it nudge them towards closing a sale.

Dan Nikas presents the problem of email marketing as a time-intensive proposition that is best left up to dedicated resources who have the expertise to get the most out of an email campaign. The nitty-gritty of finding the right email service provider from a long list of email service providers, writing successful email marketing campaigns, choosing the perfect subject line, and many more such tasks can be downright overwhelming for anyone who is focused on running a successful online business such as an eCommerce store.

The blog post then says that the key to cracking email marketing is automation using set triggers. These triggers are events that signify that the potential customer is engaged with the company’s services and is most likely to come back. Some common triggers include a user joining using a new account, certain browsing behavior such as abandoned carts, or a user joining an email newsletter in the hope of receiving customized deals in the future. Emails can even be custom-built to offer special discounts to customers based on the aforementioned parameters.

The blog post then summarizes the benefits of the company’s Automated Email Profits system. Dan nikas' Automated Email Profits works like an autopilot for sending emails. The business just has to set the system up and create a message to send to potential customers. The AEP system will handle the rest, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. The fully automated email marketing system can even be set up to send emails based on specific events. The Automated Email Profits system is designed to convert leads into first-time customers and then convert existing customers into loyal ones.

Interested eCommerce and online business owners can find out more about Elite Brands and its email marketing services by heading over to its website.


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