Electrostatic Spray Technology from OCCC Group Helps Sydney Gym Crush COVID-19

While many gyms in and around Sydney still seem to be suffering from the after-effects of the COVID lockdown and struggling to get clients back, some of the gyms that employ advanced disinfection cleaning have already started seeing positive results. The OCCC Group Sydney is a leading gym cleaning company based in Sydney that is providing peace of mind to local businesses, including gym owners, and customers through its industry-leading COVID cleaning and disinfection services.

“From March itself, we started offering COVID cleaning services to our customers across Sydney. We primarily offer cleaning services to commercial property owners, including gyms and health clubs,” said the owner and CEO of OCCC Group. “We are proud to be one of the first cleaning companies in Sydney to be offering the Electrostatic Disinfection service to help our clients effectively combat the COVID virus. It’s the same disinfection technology that is already used by organisations such as Woolworths, Qantas and CBRE.”

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It’s a small, portable, gun-like machine that can be easily carried to any place that needs to be disinfected. The machine needs to be filled with the sanitizer solution, which can be supplied through an attached container. It’s quite easy to use and very efficient in removing up to 99.99% of germs and microorganisms from surfaces, including the COVID-19 virus. The disinfection method is said to provide protection for up to 30 days with just one application. “The sanitiser solution we use is eco-friendly and certified safe for humans, pets, etc., yet it’s deadly for pathogens.”

A large number of businesses all over Sydney are already using and fascinated by the quick and efficient disinfection services of OCCC Group. Most of these include gyms, health clubs and other sensitive premises where the chances of the infection spread are higher than usual. So far, the company has already served over a thousand disinfection cleaning jobs across the region, according to OCCC Group’s annual report.

“For us, it has always been about keeping our customers safe and providing them with the best-in-class cleaning services,” said the company owner. “In addition to providing top-quality routine cleaning to our clients’ offices, gyms and local stores across Sydney, we are now also performing complete disinfection on their premises on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Our portable and highly efficient sanitiser machines make it easy to clean whole office areas and high-traffic services. A typical gym cleaning job takes no more than one hour.”

For the time being, the company is providing introductory disinfection cleaning services to new and existing clients at very competitive rates to ensure that every business, including small stores and clubs, can benefit from top-quality disinfection to keep their people safe.

Protecting the physical health as well as the mental health of customers should be a priority for businesses. Gyms that do not have even basic cleaning facilities cannot possibly guarantee the safety of their clients and will likely not sustain in the long run. It is high time to accept the fact that disinfection is now an integral part of cleaning, especially for sensitive premises like gyms and health clubs.

For businesses who care about the safety of their customers, it’s a worthy investment that will help them keep their facilities decontaminated not only to attract more clients but also to keep the existing ones safe.

“We want to keep our customers healthy and prospering, which starts with keeping their premises clean and well-managed. Our gym cleaning clients are already getting back on their feet by availing our routine cleaning and disinfection services in Sydney.”

OCCC Group’s COVID disinfection service starts at a much lower price compared to similar services in the market. On top of that, the company is offering a free first disinfection service to all its new routine cleaning clients. All the cleaning services are available on an hourly and job basis and can be availed directly from the OCCC Group website.

About OCCC Group

OCCC Group is an awarded and a full-time commercial cleaning company providing office cleaning, gym cleaning and a range of commercial cleaning services to Sydney businesses for almost 20 years now. The company enjoys a healthy community of clients, including local businesses, property owners and strata managers, who trust the company to provide consistently great cleaning services at affordable rates.

To book a gym cleaning and/or disinfection service from the OCCC Group, visit their website.


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