Electronic Merchant Systems' ISO Agent Program Continues To Gain Prominence

Cleveland, Ohio based Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is pleased to highlight the popularity that their ISO Agent Program has recently gained within the industry. The company's program was featured on the industry news source Greensheet, which wrote and published an article describing the program, its benefits and how to use it effectively to streamline portfolio management.

Merrell Sheehan, a representative of Electronic Merchant Systems, states, "We are very happy about the attention that our ISO Agent Program has gained over the past year. While it all began with Greensheet's article, its popularity has since snowballed into something much greater. We are very happy with this development as our purpose has always been to reach out and have a positive impact on as many people's lives as possible. We take this occasion to celebrate and reassure the community as well as our clients that we will continue striving towards excellence, not just in this area, but in every aspect of our services.

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EMS' MyPortfolio is a secure agent portal and technology suite designed to help ISOs and merchant level salespeople manage the entire sales process. MyPortfolio provides users with a single-access view of the customer lifecycle, from acquiring new merchants to creating customized reports for sub agents and partners. By streamlining and simplifying the portfolio management process for merchants, EMS helps agents increase their success with an equal or lower amount of effort than they are used to.

The company breaks down the specific benefits of using MyPortfolio into a few points. These range anywhere from allowing users to use advanced tools in a reliable, user-friendly format to increasing brand visibility, accelerating growth and increasing revenue.

"MyPortfolio not only puts reliable, quality tools at your disposal that you can leverage to your advantage, it also facilitates their use to the point where they are remarkably straightforward to take up," Sheehan states. By leveraging this technology, developed and maintained by a Super ISO, agents can build and sustain a positive brand perception among team members with minimum effort. Having a ready-made, high-quality agent portal can eliminate the costly, time-consuming process of developing homegrown systems or renting a third-party solution, helping save time and money.

Another important benefit that MyPortfolio offers are dynamic reporting tools. These allow agents to audit residuals down to the penny and view the status of customer service tickets in real time. Configurable hierarchies and permission levels facilitate residual audits and service tracking by office or individual agents. Agents can rest assured knowing that they can monitor progress in real time, and they can then act accordingly with minimal effort.

EMS' ISO Program offers a few benefits that are unique to them, setting them apart from other options on the market. One unique benefit is the ability to process daily residual payments more quickly. This allows agents to receive funding in a short period while still maintaining transparency in their residual reports.

Some other unique benefits include the processing of Cryptocurrencies, Sponsored ISO Registration and a Surcharge Program, among several others. These help agents innovate and stand out above their competition, giving them a much-needed edge in a highly competitive industry. EMS manages all troubleshooting and continuously updates MyPortfolio, allowing their clients to rest assured in the knowledge that they can rely on their support.

"Our mission is to help you succeed, so as partners, you can always count on our support and guidance to help you get the most out of our program," says Sheehan. "We empower our Agents by providing a full product suite while maintaining transparency. We understand that this does not help unless you can understand and use it to its fullest potential, so we also go out of our way to provide vital support. When you join the EMS Agent Program, you will be offering true solutions that sell."

The company's website offers more details on Electronic Merchant Systems and their products. Interested parties may reach out to Merrell Sheehan to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, they may also visit Greensheet's website to read the article published last year.


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