Electronic Merchant Systems Is Offering Payment Processing Solutions For Junk Removal Companies

Cleveland, Ohio -

Electronic Merchant Systems is helping junk removal companies in the United States better serve their clients through its robust suite of payment processing services.

In 2018, the junk removal business in the country clocked in $49 billion in revenue. With over 7000 companies employing over 120,000 people, the future is looking bright for the industry as more and more customers are recognizing the value of the services that waste disposal companies provide. Apart from helping homeowners working on DIY home improvement tasks and cleanouts, junk removal companies are also known to partner with independent contractors and construction companies to be their go-to waste disposal experts.


Some of the most common items that are hauled off include electronics, furniture, appliances, construction debris, mattresses, knick-knacks, and more. On average, customers spend around $150 to $350 on every junk removal appointment. Junk removal technicians have to always be on the go to visit, commercial or residential, construction or home improvement, sites throughout their service area. Moreover, due to the many approximations that customers make when estimating their waste disposal needs, the junk removal specialists are often expected to be busy at the client’s location for an uncertain amount of time.

Since eyeballing large heaps of construction material or home waste to determine how much space it will take up on the dumpster is not an exact science, junk removal companies often have to deal with last-minute changes in the plan and may even be required to arrange another dumpster on short notice which also forces the staff to draft up a new invoice. All these factors make it essential for junk removal technicians to always have access to a flexible way to accept payments when they are away from the company’s head office.

A spokesperson for Electronic Merchant Systems talks about why the company’s junk removal payment processing services are indispensable for waste disposal companies by saying, “Companies operating within the junk removal industry need a way to charge the customer for the services on-site while accounting for any last-minute adjustments. Thus, the best solution for them is a mobile payment processor that is backed up by a range of other features that enable them to provide their clients with a seamless customer service experience. EMS’ mobile payment processing service, EMSMobile, comes equipped with all the essential as well as nice-to-have features that make on-site payments fast and hassle-free. EMSMobile allows you to turn an Android or iPhone into a mobile payment processing terminal that receives payments from all major credit or debit cards. Some additional features that your customers will appreciate include email invoicing and secure vault storage. For you, we also have a plethora of industry-standard business management tools that give you an always updated overview of your business. So, set up a consultation with us today and our representatives will guide you on how our payment processing services can supercharge your junk removal business.”

EMSMobile’s email invoicing feature allows merchants to send customers an email invoice that they can pay off with a single click. The payment is processed through EMS’ secure portal ensuring that all payments are safe and instant. EMSMobile’s secure vault storage safely stores the customers’ credit card information and makes it readily available for reuse when required. This is especially useful for junk removal companies that have partnered with commercial contractors and need a way to set up recurring billing. Finally, as a certified level 1 PCI provider for over a decade, EMS has also developed a software suite that lets its merchants view and manage their finances from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Merchant Systems is a national payment processor that offers a variety of services and solutions to small businesses that want to improve the way they accept payments. This includes mobile payment acceptance, POS systems and terminals, gift and loyalty programs, payment gateways, eCommerce, and more.

Readers who want to sign up for EMS' junk removal POS solutions can talk to its sales representatives at (866) 986-0145.


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