Electronic Merchant Systems Is Offering Electrician Payment Processing Services

Electronic Merchant Systems is offering a range of options for credit card processing for electricians.

The company’s virtual terminal service allows electricians to accept payments from any location they choose, even when they are on a client’s site. The virtual terminal’s email invoicing option will enable electricians to send the customer an invoice by email so that they can pay securely online with a single click. Electricians can also store the customer’s credit or debit card information for future use in a secure vault and set up recurring billing for service agreements with automatic billing.

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The virtual terminal service opens up a world of billing options for electricians who may not have a brick-and-mortar location to accept payments in. For electricians who have the luxury of a physical location, the company also provides flexible payment options. EMS allows electricians to accept all types of payments, including cash, contactless, swipe, and chip cards.

Bill Felberg, Executive Vice President of Sales for EMS, talks about its virtual terminal services by saying, “Electricians and other similar general contractors starting out as free agents might feel limited by the lack of options for accepting payments from clients, especially if they don’t have an office location where they can manage all the invoicing. They are often on the move from site to site and need a flexible solution that adapts to their busy schedule and lets them handle payment processing from whatever location they are at in the little free time that they get between jobs. Electronic Merchant Systems has developed its virtual terminal services specifically to meet the requirements of this demographic for whom time is invaluable. Our services are designed to help them overcome the biggest hurdles that they are likely to face in accepting payments from clients. We help electricians and other contractors unlock the full potential of their business by preventing them from being bogged down by the micromanagement required while running a solo or small-scale contracting business.”

EMS also offers the Merchant Console, a cloud-based tool that has a ton of functionality specifically tailored for contractors that don’t have the support of a dedicated administrative team to provide an overview and analysis of their business growth. The Merchant Console allows its users to check the status of email invoices, send payment reminders, check outstanding balances, and track all transactions.

The company’s EMSMobile system allows electricians to accept debit or credit card payments immediately after they are finished with a job without having to wait for traditional methods of invoicing, mailing, and depositing at the bank. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The system offers a card reader that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the user’s device. The system allows the user to dip, swipe, or tap credit cards, track and control inventory in real-time, create simple or itemized transactions, manage cash payments, allow multiple users at once, and a host of other features that will prove exceedingly useful for a contractor with a packed schedule.

EMS’ services extend to being much more than just a credit card processor. It provides the industry’s most advanced payment processing tools and services. It helps businesses boost their cash flow and increase the effectiveness of their operations. The company provides its services at credit card rates that are affordable for businesses at different stages of growth. E-commerce, email bills, and contactless payment methods are all available to enable the contractor to give their customers the options to pay as they see fit. EMS’s industry-leading security systems enable its users to keep their risk of losing money to fraud as low as possible. The system also provides the end-user real-time access to company data from any device, giving them complete control over the inner workings of their business.

Readers can find out more about the company’s virtual terminal services for electricians by heading over to the link: https/www.emscorporate.com/industries/trade-services/electrician. The company’s sales team can be contacted at 866-986-0145 for all business inquiries.


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