Electronic Merchant Systems Has Released an Article on the Benefits of Joining Their Merchant Services ISO Agent Program

Electronic Merchant Systems has recently published an article about the benefits of joining their ISO Agent Program. This comes after they announced the benefits of becoming an ISO Agent in New York. The need for flexible payment processing services has increased in the past few years. With this need, merchant services ISO agents have never been in more need of a payment processing partner that can help their clients adapt to these ever-changing times. Having brick-and-mortar, online payment options, contactless, and card-not-present options is a necessity now.

Matt Shepard from EMS says, “The EMS ISO Agent Program's mission is to put our Agents in positions to succeed. With our innovative credit card processing suite and unparalleled support, we can help them be the go-to merchant services agent for their clients."


There are several ways in which The Electronic Merchant Systems ISO Agent Program can help agents: expand their merchant portfolio; offer cutting-edge payment processing products and services; get access to their residual income when they need it; access to an industry-leading agent portal; and transparency and responsiveness.

One of the most significant benefits merchant services resellers get when partnering with Electronic Merchant Systems is that they cooperate with more sponsor banks than other ISO programs.

The core benefit of partnering with an ISO Agent Program with more sponsor banks is that it can allow an agent to get into more verticals and boost residual income. This is because the agent will be able to find a home for those merchants in challenging verticals.

Another benefit of joining a program with the most sponsor banks is the ability to close deals more quickly. If there is a merchant that is in a challenging vertical, it can be difficult to close the deal. But with the program that has multiple sponsor banks, the agent won’t lose time trying to make sure your deal gets closed.

For credit card processing agents looking to close more deals and expand their portfolio, partnering with EMS can help those goals become a reality. Another benefit that ISO's get access to is Electronic Merchant Systems' daily residual program.

There are several benefits of a daily residual program. Being limited to when you can receive the residuals you earned can be frustrating. It's income you've earned, and you want it more than once a month.

With EMS, you are in charge of when you receive your residuals, thanks to the EMS daily residual program. While other programs limit the agent to getting their residuals once a month, EMS Agents can have access to their residual income the day after your merchant starts processing.

For people who like having one payday, this is a great program. If they want to get their residuals weekly, they can. With EMS, agents are in control of when they get their money. Another benefit of being an EMS agent is peace of mind. Too often in this industry, many agents have to jump through hoops to ensure they were getting paid what they are supposed to. As an EMS Agent, people don't have to thanks to MyPortfolio.

With their industry-leading agent portal, MyPortfolio, Agents can see how their merchants are doing and a detailed breakdown of their residuals. In addition to the transparency, MyPortfolio offers it also can save Agents time and money from having to develop their own management system. This system enables merchant services ISO agents to take control of their own business, wherever they are. MyPortfolio can be accessed from anywhere using a secure internet connection, with numerous security features already in place.

MyPortfolio's comprehensive features include: merchant acquisition tools including DocuSign and customizable pricing plans; deal tracking with real-time notifications; sub-agent management capabilities; thorough residual reporting including summaries and visualizations; regular merchant tracking options.

MyPortfolio functions as a powerful, transparent tool that can transform how the agent does business. Without the proper management, it can be challenging to be a leader in this competitive industry. To ensure success for agents wanting to sell merchant services, MyPortfolio can help agents see how their merchants are performing and anticipate their needs to help them grow.

More about this article about the payments industry can be gleaned from https://www.emscorporate.com/agent-news/the-advantages-of-becoming-a-merchant-services-iso-agent. Those interested in learning more can check out the EMS website or contact them on the phone or email.


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