Electronic Merchant Systems Can Help with Nonprofit Credit Card Processing

Electronic Merchant Systems, a company based in Cleveland, Ohio, has announced that they are offering nonprofit credit card processing to help non-profit organizations optimize how they receive donations through secure credit card payments. It is important to note that non-profits also need to have a merchant account in order to accept donations through credit cards and debit cards. Dedicated payment processors will take care of all the security aspects of the transaction and they will be authenticating the transaction and ensure that the funds are available. This is a step that must be taken before the funds can be transferred from the donor’s account into the non-profit’s merchant account. Thus, non-profits will not just need a merchant account but also a payment processor for handling credit card and debit card payments. Electronic Merchant Systems can take care of both the merchant account and payment processing for non-profit organizations. More about this can be found at https://www.emscorporate.com/industries/non-profit.

Through nonprofit credit card processing, Electronic Merchant Systems enables non-profit organizations to save money by taking care of both merchant services and payment processing. They can also offer a POS system for non-profit events to allow them to get additional donations promptly.

Bill Felberg, VP of Sales at Electronic Merchant Systems, says, “For the past 30+ years, Electronic Merchant Systems has been working with many non-profit organizations. And during that time, we’ve learned that every non-profit is different. That’s why we offer innovative, customizable solutions that can be configured to your preferences. We can help with any method of payment; whether you need to accept and manage donations online, across many site locations, or on the go.”

A non-profit organization has to be concerned with the security of payment transactions, just like any other business, because people will not be willing to donate if they don’t feel safe when making their donation through credit cards or debit cards. Thus, non-profits need to ensure that their payment processing is up to date with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards. There are actually 12 major compliance requirements and those who don’t comply will need to pay penalties and fees. Furthermore, any non-profit or business that fails to comply can lose its card processing capabilities.

Another important benefit for non-profits when they use Electronic Merchant Systems for payment processing is that their donors will not need to go off their website or sign in to their account, which is what happens when a third-party processor is used. Many donors may be annoyed by the extra steps and may not proceed with their donation. Thus, it would be beneficial for non-profits to keep their donors on their site and make the donation process as easy and seamless as possible. By having their own setup, which is possible through the help of Electronic Merchant Systems, non-profits can also keep their branding upfront. This also communicates to donors a level of excellence they would like to see in a non-profit organization. Non-profits can also set up Automatic Clearing House (ACH) donations for their donors. These are direct transfers of money from the donor’s bank account to the non-profit’s account. ACH also allows some savings because they only charge a flat rate for each transaction while credit cards charge a flat rate plus a certain percentage.

Meanwhile, with Electronic Merchant Systems, non-profit organizations can have peace of mind in the knowledge that donors will experience the best in terms of user experience and secure payment processing. They offer 24/7 support and always strive to surpass customer expectations.

Established in 1988, Electronic Merchant Systems has grown into a leading provider of payment processing services. They can process and safeguard different types of electronic payment transactions including all major debit cards, stored-value, credit cards, electronic check services, and EBT. They offer 24/7 service and to date, they have been able to serve tens of thousands of retail, Internet, and start-up businesses all throughout the US.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by Electronic Merchant Systems, can check out their website, or call them directly. EMS is a leader in nonprofit payment processing services.


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