Electricity Rate Comparison Tool Electricity Shark Gives Texans the Power to Choose Their Own Rates

Cedar Park, TX - There are dozens of electricity companies in Texas, and thanks to the state’s deregulated energy market, Texans have the power to choose the power company and energy plan that best suits their needs. Since there are typically at least a few companies in each market area, choosing a company to go with can be time-consuming. Additionally, energy shoppers might only ever become aware of one or two companies to choose from, potentially missing out on a range of options much cheaper than they might have expected. That is why rate comparison websites like ElectricityShark.com are crucial to Texans looking for the best service plan for their household or business.

“Our site is especially useful for new families and businesses coming into the state since none of them are usually not used to shopping for an individual electricity plan,” Andrew Rogers, co-owner of ElectricityShark.com, says. “Since there are usually a few options to choose from wherever consumers eventually settle, it’s important to know the full range of options available to them.”

Electricity comparison Texas

Rogers, who operates ElectricityShark.com alongside his business partner Jared Glazier, says their rate comparison tool is extremely intuitive, comprehensive, and offers complete user privacy.

To use the site, visitors need only enter their local zip code and click “View Rates.” Immediately, they are given every available service plan, cost, and provider they are able to purchase. There is even contact information for the user to begin setting up their preferred plan or call the power company to get more specific information.

“The entire design is based on ease of use, and it takes literally seconds to find a power plan with ElectricityShark.com,” Glazier says. “Texas electricity rates are very competitive, but a lot of people aren’t aware of just how competitive some of these companies get with each other.”

Glazier is referring to incentives and special discounts companies offer, such as free electricity after 9 p.m. in some cases.

“Giving Texans the power to choose their own electricity rates is a great mission, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve been getting since first launching the site earlier this year,” Glazier says. “We’re very proud to help Texas electricity customers, and we’re even more excited to continue building on the service we are offering.”


It is important to know all the available options when it comes to choosing an electricity plan. That is why free rate comparison tools like ElectricityShark.com are important for people to be aware of. It is the best option Texans have for making sure they know all the plans available to them, and the best way they can take advantage of some of the amazing benefits and special offers their local power companies offer. Those interested in learning more about Electricity Shark, or using its services, should visit the company’s website at https://www.electricityshark.com.


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