Eleanor Health Now Accepting Virtual Customers in the Vineland and Edison New Jersey

Eleanor Health - Cherry Hill, an addiction treatment center based in New Jersey, is pleased to announce that they now conduct virtual appointments for residents in places such as Vineland. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has to maintain proper social distancing. This makes it important to find alternative methods of going about one’s business, including addiction treatment. The internet provides a convenient and safe way to seek addiction treatment by allowing one to attend counseling sessions without having to come in contact with other people. Working, teaching and learning from home has been proven to decrease the rate of spread of the virus.

With more and more restrictions being put in place to try and contain the COVID-19 virus, some people may be unsure about what this might mean for addiction treatment. They may believe, for instance, that this is not the right time to get help for their addiction. According to Eleanor Health, however, this is simply not true. The treatment center believes that there is no ‘right’ time to start treatment and has therefore taken the necessary steps to maintain their service during the pandemic.

Through their new telehealth option, Eleanor Health is accepting new members from multiple locations. In addition to Vineland, Edison residents in need of addiction treatment can now begin to receive the same treatment they would get at any of the clinics’ premises — from the comfort of their homes or almost any other location. One can now find help for their addiction without putting themselves or the people around them in danger by moving around during the pandemic.

Eleanor Health’s addiction treatment services can be accessed using a computer, phone or any other device that is capable of browsing the internet. Everything can be done online, including virtual registration, virtual medical and nursing assessments and much more. The COVID-19 crisis may have affected how Eleanor Health offers treatment, but the addiction treatment center has not had to compromise on quality in any way.

The addiction treatment clinic’s care is not physically limited to their many locations; they can reach out to meet patients wherever they may be. The clinic understands how difficult it may be to physically go to any location, even without the pandemic. Those facing drug addiction issues may be embarrassed about having to seek help, or they may not be able to travel to a specific treatment center (which may discourage them from getting the treatment they need to beat their addiction). With Eleanor Health, however, they always have access to treatment no matter where they are.

The community is at the center of everything the clinic does. The best interests of their charges always come first, and treatment begins by learning everything about the patient, including the various aspects of their everyday life, their preferences, specific needs and goals. The clinic builds a customized, comprehensive care plan based on the patient’s mental and physical needs and preferences. Their services include medication-assisted treatment, therapy and counseling, psychiatric services, detox programs and recovery resources.

The clinic has a team of committed, caring staff members who are passionate about transforming the quality, delivery and accessibility of addiction treatment. Every member of the Eleanor Health team works together to ensure that their members’ quality of life is the best it can be. Eleanor Health seeks to respect the values, culture and life experiences of each member when providing treatment, and every member is treated as an individual, not just another patient.

The clinic’s mission is to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. Eleanor Health seeks to change the addiction and mental health landscape and make it more value and evidence based — in addition to making it more comprehensive in nature. The team at Eleanor Health strives to produce real, positive change in the lives of their community members.

Anyone considering seeking treatment for their addiction can start today with Eleanor Health’s virtual treatment programs. The clinic is accepting new patients from Vineland and Edison, and more information regarding their intake process can be found on their website. Interested parties may reach out to Corbin Petro of Eleanor Health - Cherry Hill for further details as well.


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