Elative Solutions OÜ Examines the Persuasive Power of Messenger Bot Marketing in New Blog Post

Elative Solutions OÜ, based in Tallinn, Estonia, has announced that they have recently published a blog post that examines the persuasive power of httpsmessenger bot marketing. The article examines why messenger marketing is more persuasive than many people realize. It also provides a real-world example of the power of implicit trust and presents a case study of how they were able to build 254 new Messenger subscribers per week for 8 weeks with just a limited ad budget. The article also describes how to get clients and subscribers with a Messenger bot funnel.

According to the article, the key to making a sale is trust. Facebook Messenger can provide the marketer with an opportunity to generate leads and convert them into paying customers because of the persuasive power of the associated trust. The marketing potential of Messenger is due to comfort and familiarity. People are comfortable with using short and conversational instant messages because that is how they naturally communicate with each other. People are also familiar with using Messenger, with statistics showing that more than 1.3 billion people are using Messenger monthly as a way to communicate with other people.

The article suggests the use of Messenger marketing to: build Messenger subscribers; generate qualified leads; generate new customers; and engage and entertain prospects. Building a list of Messenger subscribers is much like email list building. However, building Messenger subscribers is easier than email list building because people can opt-in by doing something as simple as leaving a comment on one of the sponsored posts. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the list targeted towards a specific group of people because that would make the marketing message most powerful.

A key requirement of Messenger marketing is engaging and entertaining prospects. It is important to avoid only sending them promotional messages but to provide them with value. And the best way to provide value to people is by offering a solution to their problem. If the company’s product or service can be presented as a solution to a person’s problem, that person will likely make a purchase.

Meanwhile, Elative Solutions OÜ makes use of three guiding principles for optimizing results in its hmarketing strategy and lead generation services. These are: the maximization of return on investment through data-driven optimization; development of robust marketing foundations and scaling of growth sustainably; and innovation through experimentation and iterative testing.

They offer four kinds of lead generation services. These are social advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising, email marketing strategies, and content creation. For social advertising, they offer Facebook and Instagram advertising and Messenger bot marketing. These are people-to-people marketing campaigns that share the business’ message with prospects in a direct, personal, and engaging manner.

With SEO and advertising, they make use of a number of optimization techniques and strategies. These include press releases, GMB, paid search, full-spectrum SEO, and YouTube marketing. And for email marketing, they use a number of customized email marketing sequences, such as: onboarding & promotional series, transactional & relational emails, and abandon cart & re-activation campaigns.

And finally, they will help the client promote and share expertly written and designed content that prepares the business’ target audience for future offers. They will help the client in creating valuable content, such as video scripts, white papers, infographics, and guides.

Matey E, CEO and founder of Elative Solutions OÜ, says, “Everything we do is 100% focused on ROI-growing activities that generate visibility, engagement, leads, and sales. Things your marketing teams should be doing but don’t have time to do.”

He adds, “We analyze and optimize your customer journey, plug conversion killing leaks, and identify low-hanging fruit opportunities that increase your marketing ROI. Then we create a sustainable growth plan focused on turning as many customers as possible into the best marketing asset any company can ever have: fans and advocates that actively promote your business for you.”

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