Elative Solutions OÜ: Enhance Search Engine Rankings With SEO Press Releases

Tallinn, Estonia based Elative Solutions OÜ is taking steps to educate their community on the nature of SEO press releases and how well they can improve a business’ search engine rankings. Among other measures, the company has published a number of articles on the topic in pursuit of this goal, many of which can be accessed from their website. Given their expertise in the field of digital marketing, their advice could prove immensely beneficial to businesses around the world, especially those that rely on online advertising to bring in customers.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing a business’ online presence (including their website, social media platforms and so on) in such a way that search engines such as Google and Bing rank these websites higher for relevant search results. In other words, SEO can help increase the likelihood of an online user discovering a business’ products when they use a search engine to look up a specific phrase or set of phrases. However, the key idea here is to use SEO to get more qualified prospects (potentially paying customers) rather than visitors who will ultimately not be interested in making a purchase at the business. As such, it is in every business’ best interests to ensure their website and other online materials abide by the strict requirements posed by search engines.

According to Elative Solutions OÜ, this is where SEO press releases prove their worth. One of the company’s articles on the subject explains that, “Search engines love regular content and high-quality backlinks. They take you more seriously as a business and make you easier to find. SEO press releases can introduce your business to thousands of potential customers who previously didn’t know you existed. Even before COVID-19, few companies had the marketing budget required to consistently elevate their brand through media presence.”

This tool is also notable for the fact that a relatively small minority of businesses around the world even employ it, and larger corporations appear to forego it altogether. Similarly, while many smaller businesses continuously experiment with a vast array of SEO techniques and strategies, they tend to remain unaware of the opportunities that lie in SEO press releases. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to look up this case study from Elative Solutions OÜ, which explains how they supercharged a Bali-based skincare business’ online sales through the use of SEO press releases.

The article from Elative Solutions OÜ adds, “Few people know that you can get your press release distributed on Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, Google and Yahoo, for a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising.” This is made possible by the fact that the company’s press advantage connection has access to over 300 websites and networks for distribution. The article explains that these networks typically choose and display these SEO press releases within three business days, following which they are identified by search engines as a significant indicator of the associated business’ relevance (within a certain field). In turn, they will become more likely to deliver the business’ content to search engine users, particularly those who are likely to become customers in the future.

Given that large sites like ABC, NBC, CBS and so on tend to carry more weight with search engines, this also means that the backlinks being built are of considerably higher quality than they would be with lesser known sites. Elative Solutions OÜ’s article adds, “While traditional press releases can start to $1500, you can get your SEO Press Releases featured on influential websites like AP, FOX, and Google starting at $297, or even free.”

Crucially, businesses that want to explore this avenue need not be concerned that they will have to write such press releases themselves. Elative Solutions OÜ wields a team of experienced copywriters who are able to take the topic set by the business, carry out any research necessary and write it to the high standards expected of such content.

Given that the field is relatively unknown to many, Elative Solutions OÜ welcomes all questions and inquiries from businesses that wish to get their first SEO press releases written and published today. Additional information can be found on their website as well, and interested parties may learn more about Elative Solutions OÜ at the following link: Google My Business.


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