Eddie R. Williams issues call to action to require a security management plan for all information security projects

Burlington, NJ - Eddie Williams recently published an article Security for the 21st Century and Beyond in PM World Journal Vol. X, Issue l, January 2021 (PM World Journal - pmworldjournal.com) with contributing author Marc Gravez.

Williams states, “As organizations and companies address security (which includes cyber security) during and beyond the 21stt century, this article is a call to action for the Project Management Institute (PMI), other project and program management organizations, and companies in various industries.”

Eddie R Williams - IT Security Management Plan

This call to action, if implemented, would result in all appropriate projects and programs having a security plan.

If implemented, this call to action will result in all appropriate projects and programs being required to have a security plan. Mr. Williams wrote the article in November 2020, based on learnings from many years over his career. With the critical concerns for security (and cyber security), such a call to action could not be more timely. Mr. Williams has over 25 years of experience as a project and program manager for system/software engineering and information technology development. This publication is a continuation of his record of accomplishment of accomplishments in this field and various industries.

Eddie Williams is an author, trainer, consultant, coach/mentor, and public speaker. Before becoming a project and program manager, Mr. Williams held positions such as systems and procedures analyst Configuration Management Specialist and Manager, Software Product/Quality Assurance Engineer and Manager, and Division Administrator/Manager. His career experience includes success in commercial and government industries such as aerospace, DoD, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical and academia. He has managed successfully through close out projects and programs for business transformations and systems, applications (including web applications) and infrastructure/networks, communication systems implementations where security was a top priority.

As noted in the article, Security for the 21 Century and Beyond: a Call to Action, security planning and analysis resulting in a security plan for IT projects and programs and organizations/companies is needed now. Security (including cyber security) must be one of the top priorities in the 21st century to establish policies, procedures, and plans.


Williams notes, "There is no other priority more critical than security (including cyber security) for the 21st century, not just for technology companies but all industries/companies."


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