‘Easy Ways to Find Leaks at Home’ is the Subject of a New Lake Oswego Plumbing Company Blog

In a new blog post that was recently published on their website, My Plumbing Lake Oswego discussed some ‘Easy Ways to Find Leaks at Home’. It’s just one of many blogs they have posted on their website to help their customers and others keep their plumbing in the best possible condition. This is also part of the customer-friendly approach this company always uses that has made them one of the most popular plumbing service choices in and around the Lake Oswego, Oregon area.

The company spokesperson, Jeremy Sadler, says, “When many people think of leaks in a home, they often think of scenes where buckets of water are coming through the ceiling above. Fortunately, big leaks like that are the exception, not the rule. The problem is, over the long run small leaks can be just as destructive and they are much harder to find. That’s exactly why we took the time to write our latest blog. By sharing what we have learned in our many years in the plumbing field, home and business owners stand a better chance of finding not so obvious leaks before they can cause expensive repairs to become necessary.”

The newly posted blog commenced by stating that common places to look for leak sources include under cabinets and sinks. These often not only produce wet areas and other visible signs of leaks, but also less obvious leak signs such as mold growth or a strong mildew smell. It was also mentioned that connections to washers, water heaters, pumps, and household valves should also be inspected for leaks. Less obvious signs of leaking in these areas include corrosion starting to form on metal items and stains or discoloring of the areas near them. The new post also stated that the frequency of plumbing inspections needs to be done even more often in homes that are over 25 years old. It was also brought up in the article that even something such as the monthly water bill can be a good way to tell if someone has an undiscovered leak. Those who save their monthly water bills can compare the current monthly bill to previous ones. This information can also be obtained from the local water company if someone does not save all their bills. The blog post says that unexplained drastic changes in water consumption in comparable months can often be attributed to a hidden leak in a home or business. It never hurts to shut down all of the water sources in a house and see if the water meter is still turning too. If the water meter is going up when all the water sources in a house are closed, this is a fairly reliable indication there is a leak somewhere. Lastly, the recent blog explained how dye placed in a toilet can be used to detect leaks.

Sadler says that for home and business owners in the Lake Oswego area that think they have a leak but they are not sure where it is, they are always happy to help. The company even does plumbing inspections free of charge. He stated that the experienced and certified plumbers at My Plumbing Lake Oswego are very good at detecting and resolving large or small leak issues. They even carry many types of fixtures and other plumbing parts right on their service vehicles. This allows them to fix any leaks right away so they can cause no further damage. The company spokesperson mentioned that other plumbing services that they offer include hydro jetting clogs, drain cleaning, and water heater inspections, replacements, and repairs. They also come highly recommended when it comes to clearing tree roots out of plumbing lines, performing sewer line services, and re-piping any type of gas or water lines. Those who need help from this Lake Oswego plumbing company with leak detection or any other type of plumbing task, Sadler says they can easily be reached by phone, text message, email, or by filling out the form that’s located on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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