East Coast Recovery Center: How to Help a Loved One With Alcoholism

Cohasset, Mass. — East Coast Recovery Center, an addiction treatment center located in Cohasset, Mass., recently published an article detailing the latest information on how to help a loved one with alcohol use disorder (AUD), more commonly known as alcoholism.

People who struggle with alcohol addiction often find it destroys their lives very quickly, the article states, and without the help of experts and the support of loved ones, a person with alcohol dependency may have trouble freeing themselves.

“We all want to help our loved ones,” a spokesperson for East Coast Recovery said. “All you want is the best for them, and it pains you to watch them struggle with an addiction to alcohol. It can also be difficult to talk to them about their addiction in the proper way. We are here to help you consider how to talk to your loved one about their addiction to alcohol, and also to discuss options for treatment at East Coast Recovery.”

The article points out that one of the main reasons people who struggle with AUD fail to find the help they need is the stigma surrounding addiction. Using negative terms to refer to anyone trapped in such circumstances does little to help them — and usually puts them on the defensive. In turn, this makes it a lot harder to get them to listen to reason, even when it comes from those who wish to help them. The less stigma a person has to deal with, the more likely they are to listen to their loved ones when a helping hand is extended. The best course of action when trying to help a friend or family member struggling with AUD is to learn about their condition and find out how best to treat it.

Honesty is always a vital component of healthy relationships, the article says, but when dealing with a friend or family member who has issues with dependency on a particular substance, it is recommended you try and be kind despite how emotionally invested you may be in the situation. The East Coast Recovery Center spokesperson said, “In this time of trying to help someone, all of your feelings will surface. While honesty is important, remember that the goal is helping the person with an addiction, not hurting them. Practicing what you plan to say can prevent this. Remember to use several ‘I’ statements as opposed to ‘you’ statements. This way, you focus on how you have been feeling as opposed to becoming accusatory. They might not have the best reaction as it can be a struggle for someone with an addiction to admit they have an addiction, but still stay on task.”

By being careful with the language one chooses to use and learning about the condition their friend or loved one suffers from, it is possible to help them beat their AUD. To increase the chances even further, East Coast Recovery Center provides the professional assistance needed to combat alcohol addiction — and with the friends and family of the client offering their support, the quest to help people beat alcohol dependency is much more likely to succeed.

“East Coast Recovery provides amazing support, treatment, and compassion for those needing it most,” says a Google review by Robin M. “They go above and beyond to ensure that each client is treated with respect and dignity. They not only work with the client but also his/her family to provide support and education as this is a family disease at its core. I cannot say enough about the amazing staff at East Coast Recovery and how much they truly care for their clients.”

East Coast Recovery treats drug and alcohol addiction through dual diagnosis treatment that addresses not only the substance use disorder but also any underlying mental health disorder(s). For more information on East Coast Recovery Center, visit their website or call (781) 400-8018


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